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A helicopter should do the same. Why can't they build build helicopters? I feel like if I agree. So we get get into the helicopter. First of all he passes out in that slows everything down way longer to get back to the helicopter because he has to walk and eventually he starts running again. But I'm just thinking the whole time I'm about to fly seven hours with this guy who just blacked out on on the trail but for me it was like what's more important just staying here you do. I want to stay here another night or risk my life to your home and I decided. Roll the dice with this guy and hope that he doesn't pass out. You've rolled the dice so many times with him that it seems like what's another tote you know yeah. We jumped up to the helicopter and we flew seven hundred miles yesterday and luckily he didn't pass out so it was. I mean those those highlights this or lowlights. Whatever you WANNA call them? Those were only the the major problems. So they weren't even like the hair-raising moments when we we realized that we had just enough fuel to get into a location or the moments where clouds moved in and blocked our visibility or a million leeann little things that were less than that but equally as stressful so when we touch ground last night. I can't even tell you. It felt great where there any moments of low stress because it sounds like this was just only a high stress mission. The stress was always there the fear of death constantly and I know there's probably a helicopter pilot out there listening laughing but for a guy who have you ever been on the back of a four wheeler with a friend and there's just this fear because you don't know in control. Yeah you're not in control your like this guy's going too fast but the honors. So I'm the guy on the back of the four wheeler the whole time just thinking what the hell what was going on. It's like don't kill US please. Yeah please don't die. So there were moments and those moments tend to be turbulence free moments in beautiful areas areas but even then like we way back into Glacier Bay National Park. And you're like nobody has probably been back here very few people if we crash here. It's like you're done but we would still be able to recover your body's eventually you think I don't think yeah and like five hundred years. When the glacier choose us up and SPITS US out into the Bay Torres to sit in a boat or yacht looking at the edge of the glacier and they just see my body dangling halfway out of pretty good I say five hundred years for the glacier to melt? Yeah yeah sign up. So let's say fifty years. Yeah you could see Danny's body being chewed up and spit out by the glacier and fifty years one hundred years my naked body. I've always Nathan scenarios. Glacier stripped my clothes at foot you was because of the paper so you would strip down because that's last trip with me a move not now.

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