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All right uh a wild afternoon we talk yesterday we didn't see any of these things abbott ammo jimmy g holy smoke guys played click five games after he threw seven interceptions are eight there are seven touchdowns or eight two five interceptions dan he's now diets paid player in football for a few weeks in history and football history luke falls had like the twenty seven and two in literally just wants to boil mvp is not a might get half of this oh i'd like yeah maybe like that that might hit hit seven touchdown in five picks for the forty isn't six games so then there's that they're now had area's best quarterback mellick through it does it does tell me there are a lot of people out there like i'll widened the patriots keep chandler jones wind the keep jamie collins wine they keep jimmy j like those will be the only three players would have on the roster what those contracts of this i think this might be the only tom tom brady ask for a little more by do you just have to pay me a dollar more than garoppolo it's personal nobody'll he doesn't care about rogers new deal breeze whoever he's like i just need to get hundred thirty seven ninety two hundred thirty seven million in one dollar yet he rustled it real quick easily not up this is not how this is going to fly i'm yemen i ha i don't like the one bit of any of this to be frank uh but things also happen in the nba shockingly enough.

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