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Emma Thompson, Jeff Sessions, Justice Department discussed on 24 Hour News


Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson is now a Dame she received one of Britain's highest awards from Prince William and says she thought about giving him a kiss at the Buckingham Palace ceremony. Thompson received a damehood on Wednesday in recognition of her career. Thompson was named for the female equivalent of a knighthood in the queen's birthday honours list in June. She says she plans to use the honor to focus the attention on the plight of poor children who don't get adequate food during school holidays. The now former attorney general Jeff Sessions can attribute from his staff. AP's Mike Rossier reports received applause as he left the Justice department for the last time that the outgoing attorney general Jeff Sessions was showered with applause as he left. The department of Justice for the final time Wednesday evening session smiled and acknowledged the department staffers as he exited flanked by deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein at chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker sessions resigned at the request of President Donald Trump who then appointed Whitaker acting attorney general the turnover at the top of the department of Justice came just one day after the midterm elections. Mike Rossier, Washington. The murder drug conspiracy case against the Mexican drug kingpin, notice El Chapo is a step closer to testimony AP's. Warren Levinson reports jury has been chosen attorneys picked a jury of seven women and five men to hear the case against Joaquin Guzman. The reputed Mexican drug Lord known by the nickname El Chapo, opening statements are scheduled for Tuesday. Guzman has a history of jury tampering in Mexico. So jurors are being kept anonymous and will travel under tight security one juror wept when she learned she was chosen saying she feared the attention. She'd get if the news got out the judge was persuaded by a defense lawyer to keep her on the panel. Jeffrey Lichtman argued that if jurors thought they could cry their way off the case, others might try it. Warren Levinson, New York. Twelve killed in bar massacre. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute a survivor of last night's shooting in one Thousand Oaks, California, bar relived terrifying scene. He was also in Las Vegas when a gunman opened fire on a country music crowd killing fifty eight Brendan Kelly made it out of the back of the bar last night, twelve others died before the shooter I in David long, a former marine who served in Afghanistan apparently killed himself, California, governor elect Gavin Newsom. This can't be normalized. This is just remarkable another day in America. The tragically now in our state hundreds of homes and other buildings have been destroyed by fast moving wildfire that hit paradise in northern California. Christopher Crippen tells K G O he and his neighbors had to flee for their lives..

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Emma Thompson, Jeff Sessions, Justice Department discussed on 24 Hour News

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