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Motive of the shooter however we have uncovered evidence throughout the course of our investigation that the shooter was exploring violent ideology three people were numbered in Gilroy murdered rather in Gilroy policing Kennedy say they found several items on a river bank link to the two teenagers suspected of killing three people they're not saying what the items are firefighters in Honolulu safe either because almost two million dollars in damage to a high rise hotel in Waikiki was intentionally set you're listening to ABC news news radio six ten WTVN of Alison why and we're going back as far as we need to find try to find out why he did this and also if anybody else knew about this or was involved with this tell a weaker him with the FBI says the alleged shooter Connor bats was seeking out information that promotes violence and they're looking today for any information as to why he chose the Oregon district for the scene of his crime on Sunday Ohio governor Mike DeWine meanwhile has announced plans that he has to ask the legislature to pass a gun safety measure after the mass shooting that left nine people dead including the gunman own sister the legislation would initiate safety protection orders that gives family members the power to have guns taken away from those who pose a danger to temper order could be granted a temporary order could be granted is the station's my problem because the person is a danger to themselves or others and has access to firearms he also recommended finding more funding and resources be made available to those who require mental health services as the people in date and try to heal after the violent attack the Humane Society of greater Dayton is welcoming anyone who feels like they need a little comfort to stop by the shelter and spend time with some of their homeless puppies and kittens they say the extra attention will not only be beneficial for the pets but also for the humans meanwhile a Cleveland area woman who was given a ten day county jail sentence for repeatedly feeding stray cats around her home will not be incarcerated after questioning all the parties involved judge Jennifer Wyler suspended Nancy struggle as jail sentence but ordered the seventy eight year old to stop feeding stray cats and if you don't stop doing that if you continue the behavior then they'll be no no alternative but to put you in jail judge Wyler also required so let's remove the drain pipe where the cats were living and to seek counseling to deal with the depression she is suffering from the death of her husband I'm Ken Robinson fifth third bank is increasing their minimum wage up to eighteen dollars an hour well we're moving from fifteen dollars an hour eighteen dollars an hour you'd have to go we will from twelve dollars or fifteen dollars an hour normal for fifteen eighteen dollars an hour that's a fifty percent increase the last couple years Mister banks CEO and chairman Gregg Carmichael they will raise their minimum for over four thousand employees beginning October twenty eighth I'm Alison Wyant.

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