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You if you're banked attacks potentially fraudulent activity on your account such as a transaction forum on usually a high amount or multiple transactions within a short period of time for more on this there's a bank rate dot com wind doug weidman talking to veterans about the real issues they're dealing with can be awkward and i'm comfortable but when their behavior changes it's time to act because if we don't our families and relationships will suffer listen to the veterans in your life and shown you care it matters when you recognize retiring as an crisis call one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five impressed one chum line veterans crisis line dot net or text eight three eight two five five no meant to reach deals allen and paul cash in on them talk with rich and paul la local one ninety four three k due for you one eight more on a hot dog with rich and paul right here on kane is ninety four three reminder big day for us tomorrow km ir and ninety four three kane is a teaming up with the red cross to raise money for families devastated by the san bernardino mound fires come by the km ir studios in palm desert this friday that's tomorrow from six say to seven p and help the families in need by giving what you can to the red cross all money's raise will help the fire ravaged families came on our ninety four three kane is in the red cross here to help our community yell at people the you know being losing houses in that's what tragedy an unbelievable tragic and bad and and we have the fire going on out here we have this amazing disaster in losing at a right now you know what this massive floods and the president the by the way players going on here people losing their homes floods in louisiana people losing their homes president as states playing golf with the which is named there would be a nice to be had been the curmudgeonly from it larry david you're you're visit plan with everyday playin with larry day three hundred start crawford venue this is a good guy i i say greg off loves the game and i don't know if there's any goalie i because it was probably featured on the show yeah for years doozy as which is good just a genius quiet show either.

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