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But i have a front runner. Full my favorite story of the week it is this one about pump and dumps games and the corporate watchdog. We've spoken a bit about pump and dump chat rooms and the why these they games upright and this is basically where an invest up or where a group of investors push stock hod and as the price rises they sell out making a profit basically leaving everyone else though with potentially i've across stock the corporate regulator actually joined one of these chatrooms yesterday. I did surprising. Everyone is strange. Securities and investments commission posted a message on the telegram chat room telling try it is. They might be breaking the law. I have never heard of that before. And i don't think anyone in the chat room had heard of it before reports suggest didn't think it was actually esi but essex lighter in the dice had it was them. I told everyone in the pump and dump organization forum that he could say all the trades it had access to try to identities and it warned them of million dollar fines unusual tactics for unusual times..

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