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On the back that they're doing something this is patchwork too late and too little and even the systems they presently have can still be defrauded. That's not good enough. Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill making it easier for prosecutors and police to seize assets, including cars and property from people who defrauded the unemployment program. Fraud special counsel McGregor Scott says the state expects to recover another large sum from unemployment debit cards that still have money on them, but have been frozen because of fraud indicators. Yet ultimately, Scott concedes, there will likely be billions on recovered. There is no doubt that there will be a certain amount that we'll just have to be written off at the end. What that number is, I don't know yet. There are questions about NPR news. There's growing concern about an Iranian climber who left South Korea after competing in a climbing event without wearing the mandatory he job. And pierce Peter kenyon reports that so far there are more questions than answers about what happened after the competition and where that climber is now. Images and videos posted online appear to show 33 year old Al nasri kabi competing in a climbing event wearing a headband but not the hijab, which the Iranian government requires all female athletes to wear at sporting events. Multiple news outlets reported that rikabi left soul Tuesday morning and is expected to be taken directly to Tehran's notorious avine prison. The story has been marked by changing, sometimes contradictory versions of events. After initially being reported as missing, other reports said she had been tricked into going to the Iranian embassy in Seoul by the head of Iran's climbing federation, and from there was taken out of South Korea. At one point a message was posted to rikabi Instagram account, which read quote I am sorry I made you worry about me due to mismanagement and the unpredictable situation at last minute my clothing was not appropriate. Now I am coming back to Iran. But questions were raised almost immediately about whether that statement had been coerced by Iranian authorities and whether it had even been written by rikaby at all. Iran's embassy in Seoul weighed in, condemning what it called quote all the fake false news and disinformation about rikabi

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