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When we have a steady stream of vaccine coming in from the federal government, we will launch walking locations and round the clock operations. Tram scramble, continues trying get an appointment for a vaccination and Tri state even though Ohio Has made more people eligible today for covert shot. State admits it doesn't have enough vaccine to cover everyone. As of today, if you're 75 over or if you have a developmental, intellectual disability, you qualify for a shot at this point state of Ohio is one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country for providing people with full protection on Lee 10.0% 6% of the state populations received both shots so far. Most people say they can't schedule a shot because the main providers have no appointments available. However, check this morning of Kroger's website is showing appointments now and places like Madeira, Blue, Ash, Montgomery and Oakley for this coming Saturday. Kentucky now vaccinating teachers as well as the elderly population. Phase one being Kentucky includes 70 Anno over and school employees, so the health department in Northern Kentucky is website right now shows that they do not have any appointments available through Friday. Telling people to check back after the 29th Indiana doing 70 and over as well. But the earliest appointment that we confined in Dearborn County right now is February 16th. Three women are dead after a crash on I 75 year hobble Street last night. One vehicle accident occurred in the north bound lanes. Names of those victims haven't been released yet They're moving ahead with an impeachment trial in the Senate, even though President Trump's left office lawmakers still moving forward with the trial on charges of inciting an insurrection. Those articles of impeachment should arrive in the Senate tonight. Senators will be sworn in his jurors on Tuesday. Both sides I've agreed to delay the trial for two weeks, and that'll give the Trump team a little bit more time to prepare, and also allow Democrats time to confirm Biden's Cabinet picks and work on other legislation. ABC salads for Shay since I know the Kentucky International airports, getting another discount carrier. Starting in May, Sun Country Airlines will offer twice a week flights to Minneapolis for the lowest $39 each way that is the hub for Sun Country Airlines. It could be a spot where you could connect flights of cities like San Francisco Seattle in Honolulu, Tampa Bay, staying home for the Super Bowl Buccaneers to be the first team in history to play for the NFL championship in their home stadium. Maybe Green Bay to advance to the Super Bowl. For Tom Brady. This will be Super Bowl number 10. It's a tough journey to get here to go on the road and went up. No. Another road playoff game. Is it just a great achievement? And, you know, now home Super Bowl for the first time in NFL history, I think it was a lot of cool things in perspective anytime you the first time doing something It's usually a pretty good thing so Now we just gotta go have great two weeks Prepare for whoever it is and You know if you're ready to go, Brady and the Bucks play the Kansas City Chiefs, the chief 3.5 point favorite Super Bowl Sunday, two weeks from now, February 7th kickoff 6 30 News Service of Low T Center Next update CITY 30 On Brian Colton's news radio 70 oww! Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S Department of Veterans Affairs. Benefits that may.

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