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A road trip in a new honda by god bless you as you go on may give you safe curie and thank you for coming tonight that's republican alabama senate candidate roy more telling supporters to go home but refusing to concede last night democrat doug jones squeaked out a victory to fill the seat vacated by serving us attorney general jeff sessions the margin of victory one and a half percent avoiding an automatic recount we get more from cbs's malinke in montgomery the president stood firmly behind more breaking with some members of his own party in an effort to keep the seat in the solid red state in republican hands you add republican senators who believe roy moore's accusers and who think the party by supporting in more in the president by supporting roy moore has gone too far has put winning above all else late tuesday president trump took to twitter to congratulate jones on a quote point victory we now turn to the wbz virtual political roundtable i just spoke with democrat marianne marshon republican gene hargin i asked gene who was the biggest loser last night i think the biggest loser is war and more this was never a really a referendum on anyone else but him uh it sure it impacts president trump a little bit because you went out on lemon and endorse them it's not uh uh a referendum on the republican party actually it may be a blessing in disguise for the senate leader in washington because now he doesn't have to decide what to do with more if he came to washington this race was so close i mean it's one and a half percent the marianne a lot of people thinking that the democrats are lucky that roy moore was there upon sure but so much more than that i mean in the most conservative state in america a democrat one of united states senate seats based on the votes of african americans and women that was the rejection of everything was country's been subjected ju since 2016 who the rejection of donald trump of the republican agenda of men behaving badly but revolted in the meat to movement that's the w virtually political roundtable were democrat marianne marsh and republican gene cardigan swastikas found scrawled on the desk of a.

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