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On the moon. They're like. I think we did. And i should have fucked up god. I think i'm crazy dude. But if i handed them a free subway a free turkey bacon club. They would be like holy cow. This guy's awesome and it would just be a whole different deal. And that's what i'm looking forward to Okay it's interesting. Well i'll tell you that interesting. You love subway like alex. I don't i don't like this disgusting but it. It makes the most sense. Well listen. i'm old attics. i'm they called. Me schematic stein. What here's a weird synchronicity. You can realistically. I know schematics. And schematic subway is the number one franchise restaurant in the united states and across the world. So that would give us the most advantage of doing the subs across america. So as systems expert like myself that is using systems and systematical process learning and thinking. I can solve subs across america myself. While you couldn't brought up any company could have brought up. you know. Mike's new jersey. Mike's now they're subways. Sandwiches are too high quality up. You know any other shitty sandwich chain but you know you'd have to bring the shittiest one because something listen cassavetes let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. Subway's good representation of how fucked up. America is how like like we talked about our -tarian stuff. All these old buildings like built ornately beautiful now. Any new building literally looks like a gray piece of shit. Looks like a square gray building. Every new building every amazon warehouse day. And these are these are companies are making the most money possible like they can have some cool building. Led's like whites or whatever ornate nece none because we're because we're just We suck dick as a society. So subways a good representation of america. Google cheap easy fat bunch of calories made by person that's strung out on methadone You know what i mean. There's a that's like the opioid. It represents an opioid problem in america. Just saying that if you look a better representation of how shitty america's and i love america don't don't get me wrong. Red wind blew all the way through. You know what i mean. I'll put a boot in their ass but but subway is what we are. The only way it'd be better as if it was a subway buffet but in a way is like a buffet because america's so fat we can't wait for them to cook our food. We have to go to a place where they'll have it ready as we go as we pay. The food is ready because we're so fat stuff in our going right right. Well you know. I was going to point out the fact that subway's headquarters is in the same town that i live in. So it's weird synchronicity. Because you brought up subway. You could've brought up any sandwich chain but you brought up subway and i was just talking about michael one. Ross banned the synchronous cities. I mean a little bit behind the scenes. Before i even had a podcast. I went to the susquehanna river on my way back from my first time ever going to washington. Dc in the middle of the pandemic like two months into the plan dynamic. Right and And i already knew about michael walks. I love podcasts. Have been listened for years. But it didn't work for. Sam tripoli you know and i. I sent my prayers in my thoughts down the river. I stood by the river. And i just you know prayed with the river and i know that allude everybody but guess what sounds gay. Yeah we'll you know want you can go fuck yourself is in a couple months. You know a lot of magic happening. And that's what. I think is significant. When you put yourself out there receive and give you know real things can happen. You just got to engage with the natural forces that are around you in your own backyard and it's not just the susquehanna for people who go ahead. Let me tell you something mark. I'm prime time nine nine. I have no idea where subway's headquarters is zero idea. I don't even know the proper name of the city that you're and you're in connecticut or something. I don't even know the name of the proper city. You always say it. I can't remember show. Listen i know how and i knew. I was channeling subway. I was channeling. Jared fogel in prison. I had the energy. Somehow off the firmament subway was in my brain. That's how you guys know. I'm thinking before. I knew i was going to go but i knew my brain is saying talk about subway. Talk about subway. It's because you are in subways headquarters town. This is the subway connection. I'm so spot on. I can solve the hunger crisis. I can solve the race issue. I can solve a lot of other ilk. No systemic racism. I can solve the abortion problem. It's always free subs. Because if people knew it people knew they got pregnant. Let's say you're sixteen and pregnant and you're like how am i going to feed my child. I don't know if. I have enough money to take care of my child but if you know there's a little restaurant called subway where every single day you can get three subs. No matter what no questions asked. You can feed that baby all the subject and eat. You're going to have the baby because you get free subway for life. That's government subsidize sobs judge. That's what is subsidizing sobs subsidization subway. Because i figured it out. I figured it out. Mark free sandwiches problem solve subsidize subway solve. The problems sounds crazy. Let me start giving out some free tuna sandwiches. Then then we'll see how crazy i am. I see your point. That's going to be my whole platform. It when i run for president or governor. Whatever it's going to be subsidized subway own silly. You're not you don't have one stake in subway none. I won't it's a discussion coming. I wouldn't investment money in that trash every company ever to this is a terrible investment. I've just shame my whole town allience. You've got me so stick. Why just shows you. What what town are you in the best town in connecticut. Dude say bill four exactly. That's what i'm saying showing a shitty companies in milford. That's a mind. What does that at a factory town with the fun. Hey subway go to new york city. Hey what year was the biggest more here. How will this dallas but listen. It's always listen. This isn't about milford. Dude andrew's showing you subways shitty fucking sandwich. Sandwich place there. They can have they could have. They're literally the biggest chain Franchisee restaurant in the world. They could have a headquarters in new york city. Los angeles dallas chicago real city there in milford connecticut because they white trash company And i'm not saying over connecticut's why tries interesting subway. Have you ever been to subway. The paper they give you the they can't even give you a played they give you paper. They don't even have a proper cutlery. I don't know if i'm saying that right. I mean dude. No if you're eating if you work at subway you're an ex convicts and if you're not an ex-convict you work subway. You murdered animals. Surf torture harassed subway that ever existed was.

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