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Station with Mandefactor and Brian Calvert sponsored by Muckleshoot Casino Frank Lindsey at the editor's desk Manda is off on this Monday morning it is 15 California Governor Gavin Newsom says he plans to sign a landmark climate bill that passed the state's legislature last week the measure requires major companies to publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions it would apply both to public and private California businesses that make more than a billion dollars annually the closely watched Google antitrust trial is entering its second week in Washington DC the Justice Department accuses the tech giant spending of billions behind the scenes to secure agreements with mobile carriers smartphone makers and browser operators to become the default search engine the US is swapping money and prisoners for five Americans detained in Iran their release the product of a complex and controversial deal cut between the Biden administration and Tehran last month Iran and the US each exchanging five prisoners with the US also agreeing to allow Iran to access roughly six billion dollars in frozen oil revenue among the Iranian Americans are Siamak Namazi, Murad Tabas and Emad Sargi two other detainees wish to remain anonymous the Iranians convicting each of espionage charges they in the US deny and then sentencing them to serve 10 years behind bars in Iran's notorious even prison once the deal was revealed last month all five Americans were moved to house arrest the White House says strict guardrails will prevent Iran from spending the six billion dollars in unfrozen funds on anything but humanitarian causes but Republicans are blasting the deal accusing the administration of paying a ransom and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says he's happy to take criticism when it comes to Americans getting out of jail who have been falsely detained but there's always a fear that others will be taken in hopes these countries get money that's ABC's Martha Raddatz reporting the search continues for a police officer killer in Southern California ABC's Matt Gutman has the latest an urgent manhunt underway for the killer of 30 year old LA sheriff's deputy Ryan Klinken -Broomer please I beg you somebody has information please make things right authorities say Klinken -Broomer was in his patrol car Saturday evening outside the Palmdale Sheriff's Station when he was ambushed investigators now zeroing in on surveillance video obtained by our station KABC trying to determine if it shows the moment of the attack calling the car that pulls up next to the deputies cruiser a vehicle of interest describing it as a 2006 to 2012 dark gray Toyota Corolla authorities public for help check your cameras check your cameras that could be the missing link to the information that we need Saturday Klinken -Broomer's colleagues lining up paying their respects to the third generation deputy as his body was to taken the coroner's office and overnight family friends honoring the

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