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Ahead connect with Jennifer at 877611. Well, we're online. A Jennifer young homes dot com It's 11 18th traffic and weather on the AIDS to Jo Conway in the W. T O P Traffic Center in Virginia. 95 South found its volume delays leaving Quantico most of the way toward Fredericksburg North, and delays from Dale City toward Woodbridge. Against should be all volume. The E Z pass lanes of currently going South. I 66 eastbound between 20 Centerville in the Fairfax County Parkway. The works in there you're getting by staying to the right. We're told you have a good, clear camera shot of it in Loudoun County report of a crash at the intersection with a loud and County Parkway and Ryan road and crews there will handling your traffic direction. In northeast Washington, D C inbound, westbound New York Avenue in the stretch between Montaigne Avenue in 16th Street, We were told about a works on your staying to the far left to get by in Maryland Baltimore Oyster Parkway, South found works in between 1 98 of 1 97. It's the right thing Getting through there at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is running three lanes east in two lanes West with two way traffic on the westbound span delays both ways. No incidents currently reported blocking in Charles County, Maryland, about 2 24 eastbound after 2 25 watch for the report of the downed power lines and crews. There should be handling some of your traffic direction. Expect to find a brief delay. The 2 70 corridor. Last check was in good shape North Down South bound between Frederick City and the Beltway. The reporter problems on the 95 quarter between the two beltways good north down in south bound If you're driving on route 50 between the Bay Bridge in the Beltway, you're good shape. Just the delays at the bridge itself. I'm Joe confidently TMP traffic..

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