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You can now listen at home by simply saying Google play KGO eight ten here's on our phone numbers eighty eighty eight ten and we are joined by the one and only Dr dena Grayson not only is she critically right virologist biochemist M. D. and faxes disease specialist you bowl all that stuff but she's been with us to help us try to get through the morass of questions that accompany something like you know covert nineteen of doctor to talk to yeah everything's good with you I hope HM well the one and only chip Franklin great to be back on thanks thanks a lot so we have so much to talk about obviously the the the guy with the new name for Kawasaki syndrome which is a pram now is it going to get that right the acronym that they've given that for this this this inflection for children that seems to be even though extremely rare extremely concerning as well I want to start with you though and we got a lot of calls here eighty eighty eight ten we want to talk to people I want to talk to the first one because this is our first call after studying global data from the novel coronavirus pandemic researchers have discovered a strong correlation between severe vitamin D. deficiency and mortality rates does that surprise you in any way you know I I know it doesn't I mean we certainly we talked about this before in previous shows chipped in that you know when you have a severe vitamin D. deficiency that can lead to emit a suppression and certainly also in that hi to for example increased cancer rates and people that have vitamin D. deficiency now I want to caution everybody don't go out of her overdosing on vitamin D. more is not better in fact it can harm you so vitamin D. is a fat soluble vitamin which means it hangs out for a long time all you need is your daily dose the calling it taking more is not not not better so I just started taking about three months ago when I heard this I started taking because whatever girl for physical everything's fine but my doctor which is a you know get out in the sun a little bit more you know when I go well then I'll get melanoma it so hi California right you know so I am I I I started taking my take vitamin C. and and vitamin D. you know the maximum level I don't overdose on vitamin C. like some people do either but how long we know reason for it to have P. about vitamin C. unlike vitamin D. is not fat soluble so if you take extra you're just making money for the people make environment is yep peered out let's go okay so why how long does it take like for people that are deficient to catch up what they are so it can take days to weeks but you know so it's you couldn't you can kind of it's worthwhile if you think you might be low if you don't eat dairy or take vitamin D. supplements or you're not out in the sun it's worth getting your vitamin D. levels Jack may I had mine checked a few years ago and I live in Florida and I am an athlete I'm outside but boy Michael really low so I started supplement hi good to supplementation is not a bad idea it's not the same as getting in food right I mean but it's it's still helps is that fair I know it's going to take it find a ticket and I think that's a reasonable thing to do and but the thing that you also want to do especially women if you want to take a calcium supplement without the vitamin D. also helps you absorb calcium and you want to take vitamins calcium is not easy to get from died if you don't have their cell that is worth taking a supplement especially women who are you know a more prone to get osteoporosis have you seen doctor dean agrees I did that world of making funny your name with myself and never call you dina guard or Dan agrees and Dr dena Grayson has been published in the New York times and other leading publications as well her thoughts and opinions are very valuable and lot of people are I heard you last Thursday and our interested as well so it's going to Caroline right now Carol here on KGO with Dr de dena Grayson what's your thought what's your question thank you Sir before the pandemic kids I've actually starting with an endocrinologist and apparently I'm not absorbing D. and I have low levels of diesel what do you suggest again before the pandemic I haven't been able to go back so yeah that's the challenge right which is you can get parental you get injections of vitamin D. which then can increase your vitamin D. levels now would be the way to go if you're not able to absorb it so I would you know as we were in the summer months and we're getting a little bit of a retrieval you know with the instructions they flattened off before we head back into next Lucy and I would encourage you to try to see if you can get into gear and a criminologist maybe July July August time frame and see if you can get blocked up there relation with silly acts disease yes so you have to leave it in an employment information all of the ballots you have silly Oct disease that type of information of your bell can lead to it in an ability to absorb are properly especially fat and vitamin D. is a fat soluble vitamins so it gets absorbed with the fat so if you have if you do have celiac disease that's likely why you're not able to absorb it very well so therefore you need to get an injection which is very much in which doesn't look good thing is that that certainly exists and that would be a great way to get you talked up you know very very quickly with vitamin D. thank you Carol I'm pretty sure it's a call and you know it's interesting did we get a we talk about covert early on everybody was saying well you know some you gonna gets so you know those percentages we came up we were I guess we were the hubris is is amazing but it wasn't really virologist and infectious disease specialist but a lot of us were saying well you might get sick and you know real small percentage of like old compromise people are gonna get sick but I just I tell the story of Dr this guy doctor feral on NBC you've seen it before he was on the today show today he was in critical condition he's forty three he runs five to eight miles a day is a perfect shape and this thing hit him and it almost killed him so I mean you know what everybody talks about it you know we can get we can go back and get together we can open it wide up we still really understand how this is affecting people into that question let's go to Larry joins us here on KGO eighty eighty eight ten Larry what's your question for Dr Dana yes doctor Dana by the way I appreciate that I'm in my seventies if I let's say I get the full blown coat coated and I wind up in the hospital for ten or eleven days maybe the ventilator whatever what are the permanent damages that I that I could expect after I get out of the hospital after they threw me out in a wheelchair with a second yeah Larry well it depends this is a virus that unfortunately doesn't just hit the long thick and had a lot of different organs including the heart in particular the brain the kidneys so locked into the severe illnesses of the severe pneumonia we'll have sort of a secondary effect on other organs but it's really just related to shock and sort of as an indirect effect with this virus is very stealthy and unfortunately it can infect other organs the side along so Peter and we're learning more learning new things about the fires every day but certainly one of the you know the data coming from China to take that with a grain of salt but the data coming from China on some of the folks that were in the ice you long term yes your honor that only there for a long period of time people can have permanent lung damage due to the inflammation leading to what's called a fibrosis in the lungs think about like starring in your lawn one patient in China actually had to have a double lung transplant and there is the potential to have kidney damage heart damaging even you don't your logic damage machinist in younger patients here in the United States because people have a higher chance of quantum and are having things like strokes machinists in young people thirties and the forties having strokes and that obviously can lead to some permanent neurologic damage as well so this is a you know a very dangerous virus and it is like you know but like Russian roulette I mean you know their seven year old that can do very well there was a hundred year old woman audition a hundred and one in Italy who won over even if a hundred three who believed to have also survived nineteen eighteen hundred and thirtieth issue of had nineteen eighteen hello how their body to that end now how cold it and she left so you know it just easy enough we have you know little kids that die and the twenty year old son die so it's really accomplished a total crapshoot the Aussie vindicate though Larry because we're we're guessing right now we have somewhere between ten and fifteen million people that are infected with sars cookie too and obviously there with you know eighty what eighty four thousand dead that's print that those odds are pretty good I mean for most people right I mean that's it's still the I. that the idea that you're gonna die or be severely damaged by this still at this point look like there in again perfect for the across the general population for older people starting at you know I guess what fifties sat when we owe it what what we I think it to be a little search if you have to be a little careful with the death rate we know that the death toll is is substantially higher than what's being reported as the number of cases she can take the number of cases and multiply that by about ten and the reason I say that that's based on antibody studies and the best ones have been done in New York and in Florida so it shows that probably the amount number of infections on average in the United States is probably somewhere in the range of ten fold higher than the component cases by the testing for the virus the number of dead is not turned temple higher there we look at something called the access and death toll meeting with a fast moving pandemic you know like just get overwhelmed like in New York what people you know the ambulance is just the one up in real time so you can people died at home to look at again what called the excess death toll and overall United States a Yale University study suggest that they get they estimated somewhere around one and a half to two times higher than the reported numbers of deaths I think what it is pretty safe to say that the total number of Holden nineteen death is probably in the range of a hundred twenty thousand two hundred sixty thousand to really what we're looking at overall probably overall the mortality of the fire is around one percent okay so it doesn't much higher much higher than seasonal flow much higher and doing right right some of that amount more than that it's more than that probably more like ten to twenty times higher so and then there is an age related the fact that we really want your apologies about sixty five that's where we start to see that mortality rate go up pretty substantially for a number of reasons some of that could just be older folks tend to have higher rates of hypertension and cardiovascular disease which is an risk factor for serious illness or death but also your immune system changes as well so there's a variety of things going on there that are risk factors okay on on the positive side because.

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