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North of the Valley is an out of control wildfire That's forced people living nearby to grab their stuff and get out the latest from our fire expert Jim Cross coming up and after we check on traffic, we'll tell you why. Arizona's secretary of state now has a DPS security detail following around, But first it was a very busy Mother's Day weekend for Arizona firefighters. Dealing with several wildfires, including Ah 3500 Acre blaze That's forced evacuations north of the valley. Katya is Jim Crosses live in Phoenix with the newest information. Yeah, Jamie those plums very visible from most of the valley over the weekend, the tough like fire about seven miles from the Crown King area burning And very rugged country right now. No containment. This fire started Saturday afternoon. No structures immediately in danger, but several areas have been evacuated. According to the Lord's Garcia with the Bureau of Land Management Areas of Minnehaha, Fort Misery and horse thieves base in the community of Crown King has been Put into a such status, which means that they should be preparing for an evacuation order. Also, Red Cross has set up an evacuation center. That's a mayor high school and a high level type One command team will take over the fire this morning and bring more firefighters with them live in Phoenix. Jump cross Katie Our news. The Copper Canyon Fire has burned 2600 acres north of globe and shut down US 60, a major route into the White Mountains. It's 35% contained. No word on when 60 will reopen. There's damage to the guard rails and needs to be fixed and another world fire. The 1000 acre maverick fire east of Bartlett Lake continues to burn in a rugged, remote area. It's 3 to 4 Miles west of State route 87 the Beeline highway. Thank you, Jamie. It's 502. And it's time for our first look at traffic with Danny Sullivan Live from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center. Good morning, Danny. Good morning to you and you are waking up to a freeway closure. It's I tend the Merrick Oprah Freeway West found right at the Chuo to Santan Freeway That's closed. It's due to a big rig fire and cruisers still on the scene. The fire is out, but they are doing a big cleanup in the area. Also, there's an injury accident, Thomas just west of 91st Avenue. Support. It's brought to you. By Carol Royce KILLER Williams REALTY East Valley. Sell Your Home Fast and for top dollar with Carol Royce Go to Carol has the buyers dot com That's Carol has the buyers dot com and start packing Danny Sullivan. Katya ER news breezes returned today 10 to 15 Miles an hour in the Valley with a high temperature of 96 degrees overnight lows staying in the sixties. Then we start flirting with triple digits on Wednesday. Maybe..

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