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That they haven't even gotten a series order that they're doing this sort of promotional song and dance just for the pilots, it's not even up for. Yeah it's not even up fronts. They haven't shot the pilot yet. We have to move through because after this nonsense. She gets sick of him. 'cause he's mean. There's a whole rigmarole, but then the end point of it. is she sick of it because she's me? She's she over here's. Jason Schwartzman about how they tricked her into having no lines because she's having fun up until that point, she doesn't yes realize that she has nothing to do until they tell her. She has nothing to do in a movie that has given her almost nothing to do for the last forty five minutes, and then it is revealed that even though the which is fictional. Yes, aunt, Clara and later uncle. Arthur minor characters from bewitched are real. Guess I guess they're the only ones who are real right. They do exist like any Dora does not know she's got a father. She doesn't have a mother your. Entirely different character types except the actress. Playing door also is a witch, so you have one relative witch, who is exactly like the character from the show, the same name, the same relation, then you have uncle Arthur, who seems have magical abilities, but only appears to will ferrell and never interacts with the religion. Maybe they hint that he might just be oil barrels, mind maybe who's driving the car. Like. Breakdown who's even. Clearer. Yes..

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