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Are shaking in their boots, but then if you lose game six Going into that game six is when you say Okay, now it's time to step up and and and and this Siri's and close it out. So that's what you got in Major League Baseball. Here's our poll question tonight. Like I just want to update the results for you on that one has to do with Ann Rogers and Tom Brady, since they are squaring off this weekend, and we know that Tom Brady is 43 Aaron Rodgers is 36 will either Q B when another Super Bowl Here. The early returns, 6% say, just Brady 6% say both will win another Super Bowl. 41% say, never will win another and then 47%. Say just Rogers. Now real quickly. Because You know, I look back at that Curt Schilling since we just brought him up. You know, I thought he was a tremendous baseball analysts. You know, any time I brought him on. I think I learned something about the game and he always had a good, compelling opinion. If we were to bring him on now to talk baseball. Do you think he would bring up politics? Or do you think we would have to bring him up for that conversation? Because if we could just get him on to talk, baseball would be fun. But then if you start getting into the whole political conversation, I just don't have the energy for that. I think if you bring him on and you say, we want to talk baseball, postseason baseball, whatever it may be, do it. What he want to do it. I think he probably would, because I would think to be honest, I don't think it's kind of shows now would have him on and like he got on Moose and Maggie and W. Fe, and I think it was either last year yet was pretty recently and I think he's just talked about sports. So I think if you said Hey, look, it's baseball. I don't think he would have a problem with that. I wonder if he still really plugged in. No. You talk about a guy that was postseason greatness. It seems like that every time you hear about it, and maybe just because of the climate in the way that things get reported down with how much the elections of the news. It seems like every time you hear about him now, it's no longer about baseball..

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