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Agree to charges. Then scan the QR code on the stick to unlock it. The distance is measured in hops, not miles, it costs one dollar to unlock the pogo stick, and three cents per minute. Clod workout, like you've never had it before. That sounds like a lot of work. Doesn't it? That can't cruise around town. You know, Bill Cosby is dropping a counter suit against seven women who accused him of sexual assault court documents filed Friday say that the four-year-old defamation lawsuit he is now over the comedians insurance firm, settled with the women last month for an undisclosed sum, and Cosby reportedly objected to that, settlement, he vowed to continue his countersuit, but Cosby has dropped the case to focus on other matters Cosby's in prison, serving three to ten year sentence in Pennsylvania for drugging and molesting a temple university employee at his home in two thousand and four a new study finds that drinking twenty five cups of coffee. A day is no worse for your heart than drinking one Cup. Come on a day. Researchers with the British heart foundation looked at more than eight thousand people who drank varying amounts of coffee and compared their MRI scans researchers found, there were not much of a difference between participants who drank one or fewer cups of coffee a day, and people who drank as much. Twenty five cups a day. The data seemed to contradict previous studies suggest coffee, stiffens arteries and increases the risk of heart attacks. I can't imagine walking around with twenty five cups of caffeine and all jacked up that can't be good for your heart. There's no way see double holiday. Yes. I mean you know, I, I always questioned when studies come out in their that ridiculous on either end of the spectrum, you have to question the Bellizzi, but that just seems nuts. Swimmers who find it difficult to part with their denim now have a swimsuit option for themselves online retailer shine STI dot com is offering a GTO described as a blue Jean swimming brief for men, the unusual garment looks like a pair of drastically cut off pair of blue jeans. The product description, reads, it is like eating a bag of chips and church. Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down, they want some to the denim Speedo costs, forty dollars and don't worry the website. Has denim swimsuits for women as well. I leans could have one if you so choose Beauvais quick update on the Padres game last night. There was a buzz around the game in San Diego between the Padres and the Marlins nothing to do with bats are balls. But B's the game at Petco park was interrupted by a swarm of bees, that settled on a microphone attached. The netting near the Padres dugout sent everyone into a tizzy. Padres rookie Josh was about to bat with two outs in the third inning and players notice the bees and made a beeline away from them. Then then Martin Marlins catcher or hail Fara took refuge in his dugout home plate on -pired retreated, and eventually, the players left the field and exterminator came along and his suit got sprang, the bee's game resumed after almost thirty minutes away warriors, bounceback big time, last night, one hundred dollars three pointer with six seconds left. It was the clincher Klay. Thompson scored twenty five points before leaving with an injury. The Golden State Warriors held off the Toronto. Raptors the final one nine one zero four game two of the NBA finals last night Steph curry with twenty three points for the warriors and he tied the series at a with a game a piece. Now, the warriors scored the first eighteen points of the second half to take the lead for good game three Wednesday night at six o'clock in Oakland way to go. Very nice win for them. One game apiece. Now, President Trump has arrived. Now at Buckingham Palace for his first official state. Visit we're going to go live to Great Britain coming up in our next half hour. Trust Christina Mendoza Shane on news ninety three point one k eighty six burglars were asked how they broke into homes, and they all said they knocked on the door. I that's why you need blink x t to cameras they detect motion, so you'll get an alert and you can see and talk to who's there..

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