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Any of your life. You like them. Yeah well i certainly have some shares. And i i think i started in a couple of leagues last night. And i'm curious we're gonna get double points these stores sonal but You won't see the nfl. I think. I think it sundays. So all wash that right now can certainly. Certainly it sounds it. Sounds like a good deal. Max williams producing which is kind of unusual. Ah play chris. Kingsbury kings coach texas texas years and seen a lot of these teams need never had a tied in at all. So i've never thought he'd be able to use a tight end but it looks like he's starting to figure it out cody riley figured out. He's in the nfl. Now not only took a few years for sure and certainly is more talented than williams. No question even at this age he he. He's more talented So i'm i'm definitely agreeing in agreeance with you there to danny Let's let me pose this to you. Because this is something i've been talking about with the road of is Lowdown guys over the last couple of weeks. I've been talking about on this show with pharrell in some of our previous guests. And it's normally just been allen robinson. But i'm expanded to odell beckham Given how donovan people's jones Quite frankly out snap them and it wasn't close This past week and backup just cannot get involved in that offense now that we know What these guys have done in the first five weeks of the season danny are. They are as beckham as robinson. Are these guys on your bench going forwards and you're fully willing to leave them there until they have a breakout game and then you're willing to look at starting again. How are you treating beckham. And robinson on the teams you have him on. You know that. I draft him a lot on his last two years in new york and got hurt. Then play drafting a lot. I drank the koolade. Winning went to cleveland and he didn't do anything the first year and second year. Didn't do anything and i said i'm never address. Odell beckham again. I can do it again. And guess what i did. I address because late again. Owe and wouldn't you know the first week he didn't play a sitting there in vegas with all the guys watching the games and i'm going through my phone moving him off my off my rosters iran through my leagues today. And there's a couple of places i had to starting and i don't like it. I'd rather see to just having faith. Any and allen robinson has been big disappointment. I didn't have as much exposure to him as i did. Oakdale and. I don't think i started him anywhere this weekend. At least so far I i don't know what. Think about that situation. So i thought he was quiet fruits but i guess he's not he's not no you're right and and dave the digital gerzat chiming in the chat right now. Oh gee be the. Nfl players is dead as odbc..

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