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Order in place, But we were gonna because the refs can get charged late fees. We were going to start allowing them to pass on the late fees and also charged them. That means the power and water still stay on for those with disconnect notices, but late fees will still apply. Despite calls from state lawmakers, the PUC said it would not re price the market being potential higher costs for consumers. Down the road. Ktrh news time, eh? Oh, three for the first time, A majority of Americans are feeling optimistic about the battle against the coronavirus. A year after the pandemic began, six in 10, Americans finally feel more optimistic about the war against Cove in the Gallup survey found 26% believe things are about the same 14% think things are getting worse. The survey was conducted in February as case numbers started to fall after a holiday spike. The vaccine rollout also started to expand in February, which was another reason for the spike and optimism. Since June of last year. Seven in 10, Americans say Cove, it has disrupted their lives. I'm Rory O'Neill, West Virginia is the latest state letting businesses reopened at full capacity. But Governor Jim Justice says the mask mandate remains for them. He admits he's not a fan of wearing a mask but says they've saved a lot of lives. And let the countdown began to Mickey, Minnie and the whole gang Disneyland. Another California theme parks are getting the green light to reopen after being shut down for a year. That magical day will be April. The first Eight pictures are being sent home from the Astros spring training camp in West Palm Beach, Florida due to covert health and safety protocols. Astros manager Dusty Baker is saying today that a group that included Pedro Baez had been sent away from the facility as a precaution. The 16 of MLB's 30 teams have had at least one player test positive for the virus since camp opened in the middle of February. Who's on demand to keep trh dot com up next more of the Mark Levin show. I'm Wyatt Goolsbee for news radio 7 40 ktrh I was born with this confidence is just within me like I mean, I always had a voice father very vocal. And I always say what I wanted to say That's Cardi B from the I Heart radio, See her.

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