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Not slot chance to go interplay glimpse good memories there from crawford and two thousand fourteen hidden that grand slam things have happened therefore so it's it's always a lot of fun we go back some of the mounger different bullpen man's pitching mansard about pittsburgh it's one of those miles where my opinion might be a little bit us summa some mouse seamer a little higher or the angles lewis deeper whatever may be but i think i was little below little flatter which lilic said over here when you have an overthetop delivery slam ounce don't matter quite as much so i think i fall into that category but you know it's always a lot of fun to play a little bit when the when it when the msa little bit lower catch nice ballpark picturesque get that the bridge coming over the roberto clemente bridge nice nuts very it's very scenic it's got some pretty cool user on that stadium i noticed from that movie with that move the shooter across the street in the as in the in the garage but those those good movie guts it's definitely one of those places we go there in newark around grozny constructed nicely and the and the fans volpin the fans your clothes that mistaken the after some standing room here's some standing room right behind you in the bullpen there and there are some fans literally blocked by just offense to your rights so they can get on your pretty good if it's one of those days george thank you marty david h ha scn two thousand two h sent me a note that jim bowden baton is meant jim baton is of course forst first exciting radja good i read that where he he had a stroke or something urgent out exactly happened well i wanted to mention it because few people have larry golds band is sent me something on this morning as well and it's abacha about offering former pitcher struggles with brain disease about batten who exposed baseball shenanigans at both four as malady linked to dementia in five years ago stroke essentially wiped out his language skills and i guess he has been suffering from then sense things are not going well for him so that was something in a new york times today and i definitely want to mention it we'll talk more about that do a little bit more about it on.

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