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Forty eight year old man was found dead inside the Longwood subway station in the Bronx. The circumstances of his death, quite bizarre. Here's identified badly says an emotionally disturbed person who was found unconscious and unresponsive on the top landing of the escalator his shirt, apparently stuck in the escalator mechanism and ended up choking him to death. It's unclear. This was a strange accident or a suicide. The investigation is continuing some breaking business news this morning and other iconic name and read. Tale has filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection? Sears once dominated the American retail landscape now buckling under its massive debt load in staggering losses. They question is whether the shrunken version of itself can be viable or whether it'll be forced to go out of business. Both Sears and KMart together. Closing the final chapter for an iconic name that originated more than a century ago. Series started out as a mail order catalogue in eighteen eighty s rose to power in the retail business, even sold houses. Ready to be put together on land near you on a slow March toward extinction as it lagged behind its fears and has incurred massive losses. Over the years. Let's against Sears filed for bankruptcy. Wins. News time four twenty six. Now, Bloomberg money watch on ten ten wins as the week on Wall Street begins. Investors might be hoping for a little less volatility after last week's wild ride. But Ryan dietrick of LPN financial reminds us to take the long view and look back to two thousand sixteen. A big midterm election. A little bit of weakness and uncertainty ahead of time makes sense. Let's not forget before the US election in November two thousand sixteen. We had either nine or ten day losing streak on the Dow one of the longest losing streaks in a while. And then we had a obviously a bounce after Bank of America reports quarterly earnings before the market opens this morning, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs in net. Flicks report tomorrow third quarter reports from US companies will show whether the Trump administration's tax breaks are still boosting corporate profits retail sales numbers come out today. The forecasters say they picked up in September the optimistic outlook is supported by the university of Michigan's consumer sentiment index. Canada becomes the first G seven country to begin selling recreational marijuana on Wednesday, Bloomberg money watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour. I'm Martin dicara for ten ten wins wins. News time four twenty seven. This is firefighter Raphael. Poor.

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