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Florida has the lower death rate, and I was the number one landing spot from tens of thousands of people leaving the number one hot zone in the world to come to my state. So we've succeeded. And I think that people just don't want to recognize it because it challenges their narrative. It challenges their assumption, so they've got to try to find a bookie man. Maybe it's that they're black helicopter circling the department of Health. If you believe that I got a bridge in Brooklyn, I'd like to sell you. You had a fat one Runny D I mean, you gotta you gotta choke on the fattest one after that. Open that epiglottis up. Are you seeing this breaking news about what's going on with Bill Gates and Elon Musk social media know what So now going on, like 30 minutes, Their social media accounts have been hacked, and they can't Take them back over over people telling its they've hacked their accounts, telling people to transfer their crypto currency into accounts, and within the 1st 2 minutes, people had already transferred over $50,000 that's still going on as we speak. Good God. So it's a bit Bitcoin scam. Yeah, and and and they were still sending tweets from their account up until three minutes ago. We got a live alone That might be the lighthearted news that we need yellow color. Hi, guys. I definitely think you, Khun blame Ron. Understand? I just When you look at the fact that we we Yeah, it is. Okay. We don't have a mask mandate in this state and I want to. I want to be honest, I I lean left. I voted for Andrew Gillum. But just like you guys were saying at the beginning of his governorship. I thought he was doing an amazing job was appointing Judges from left and right side of the aisle was taking care of the environment, which is something we never expected. Any Republican governor to do in Florida, right? And then he just he I don't know if he showed his true colors as a shill for the president, or if it was just a true honest, mis understanding of what flattening the curve actually meant. Because he treated it like it was a destination like we have gotten here. Flatten the curve. We're good, too. And I wish he was right. Like we always He was right. I would have. I would have forgiven him for spiking the football. If he turned out to be right, we'd be like hell Yeah. Governor Ronnie D four more years. But unfortunately for all of us, look where we are right now and we go. Well, you know, I do battle with where does the responsibility of our leaders? I mean, as somebody who you know, in general wants less government. You know, where does the personal responsibility kick in? But at the same time, the tone like that? I just said it was like we got to where we needed to be When we started re opening. I don't know. If there was enough of Hey, this could go south at any minute. So let's not pack bars and let's not, you know he's back in. Let's not gather in groups of thousands in the streets and things like that, just to be. Transparent and safe, But we didn't get much of that. So I know that people need to do the right thing. But they also need to be given the proper information to do the right thing, and I don't know if from our local You know, government if that's what we were getting old state I want Less government in my life, just like you do, But I think there are times when we need direction and without direction we packed bars beaches. Nightclubs, etcetera. And look where it got us. We're on the verge of being shut down again. If we had a governor who wasn't so insistent on businesses not dying, which I like that the businesses can hopefully stay profitable. We'd be shut down right now. Well, that's the thing. It is Also a balance that we haven't really talked about. Within this form of discussion is he wants people to go to work. You know, I'm sure that it's much bigger when it comes to the money. But when you open things up, it's because you want to get people back to work, which I understand which I think everybody understands. And for those Who were out of work and went backto work to hear us talking about how that was a problem. I'm sure that pisses people off because they weren't surviving. The way it wass. So how do you How do you balance human life and And how much money you can make and how you support your family? Because I think they're all connected to grab alive. Hello? Who are you? Hey, Eric. What do you think, man? Ah, well, I wasn't really that John had mentioned a minute ago. Ah, well, personal, OK, bling. I got you. I got to let you go. I'm sorry. You agree with us, and I appreciate it. But your your phone was just a football phone. You gotta live alone. Who are you? Hi, Stephanie. What's up? I well, I agree. Yes, it is. The governor's thought. It's OK. Blamed them for everything. A lot of people. Lot of people agree. Yeah, I work in health care. It's not a hoax. And the number one way to stop the spread is through a mask and people that say, Oh, you're cringing on my rights. You're making me wear a mask. What? We make it more shoes to go into a store. We make you wear a shirt to go into a store. No shirt, no shoes, no service. Where a mask it is the number one way to stop the spread, and if the governor had made it mandatory and a mandatory mass order We wouldn't be facing these kind of numbers that we have now, but they're there. Accurate or not, they would be much lower than what they are right on, Sister. Thank you Stay safe out there. I just wondered like this far a statewide and I know that in the big cities that matters, But there's so many places that are out in the sticks that aren't having outbreaks that don't have issues. So to tell somebody out in, you know the sticks of a latch ular something that they gotta wear a mask. When this numbers aren't that high, and there's not really an issue. It doesn't seem right. I mean, but he also has the power to go into these. You know, make cities mandate them. So if there's an issue, those should be in place, and I don't know that they're not. I don't either. Let's come back and take your phone calls. Thank you. Excellent phone calls. I'd love some more opposing phone call, to be honest with you. So if you agree, if you want to put the blame on Rani D maybe make room for somebody who wants to disagree because I like that a lot better. And when we come back, we'll revisit Nick Cannon. And what he said about About our lack of melon in as as Caucasians. 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