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Is as bad as the people he's running away from is so blinded by his beliefs and his desires that he has to kind of go back on what he's told other people is okay the scenes were his mind hector pose a really interesting question at that really any creative person any person is driven by passions should ask him or herself on a regular basis at what point does individualism become selfishness we ask ourselves that every time we sit down to report on his side and we stretches of the eighty minute mark agency the toy story series built pixar as a studio and most of the stylistic moves that this may become known for we're president 1995 store surrey and under appreciated aspect of pixar mastery of the form to me is their understanding of the waist size defines a child's identity when your child you are constantly reminded that this world was not built for you everything is out of your each chairs are like huge thrones doorknobs or at head level over higher children have agency over nothing really know aspect of their lives adults then who won hopes protect and love their children tell them what to do and went to do when to sleep when he went to brush their teeth and they take on a godlike stature in a child's life but everything toy story and most pixar films is film from a child's perspective with andy mostly as the largest character in the story projecting personalities onto anthropomorphic toys flips the childparent dynamic and really fascinating ways buzz later in woody lived to please indy buzzes the new toy on the block and he has novel features like spring will wings and recorded lies that he can speak would a cloth and would pub at one of india's oldest if not the oldest toy the toy's become siblings then vying for and he's affection in their own ways in this way the impenetrable motivations of adults in their godlike capriciousness is brought down to the level that a child can understand and what about consequences by all appearances later nesir deal is a great man a.

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