ECB, Time Lapse, Seven Percent discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Governing come feeling mixed care uh i think will be all about them to be uh as i call it the courage not to act almost more specific than we tend not to overreact to those uh very strong beta they have been uh every cushions to hottest here come here and station prudent call that and it care will be about uh the decision the communication first and then the decision about two weeks i think the pressure is tricky scale to resist on the basis that going place hunting he could i did too little beat a one the fan and uh as a matter of fact these to be when weight in fulco inflation to be kept before any such debate ridi happened sweeping the come to i think all mild chill june by the late this that would be the right time to have such a big isn't a question to you then that backed the danger is it that so the growth story in the and become so strong that the ecb has to pull back from it says stimulus quicker than was expected world demand challenge for ecb next year would be drug she acknowledged that strong is that grosses looking much stronger but a promise you have a time lapse between the moments grossest reckoning and the moon depletion is reacting to put a jacuzzi was talking about core inflation i agree with him is not just corn fishing if you look at wages if you look at domesticallygenerated inflation all these measures that the ecb looking at more than headline there will still pretty which is the wrong one percent wages are growing by one point seven percent that's very very weak and much weaker than the precrisis average okay gilbert affif headache and so then how will qe come to an antonov expect that until 2019 i mean they're already the governing council that he's going to.

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