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Free from harassment of any kind should remains the number one movie in the United States and Canada. The superhero film selling twenty five billion dollars worth of tickets. It it's second weekend. In theaters across North America. The comedy little in second place with an estimated fifteen and a half billion bucks in its debut weekend third place. Hell boy taking in twelve billion dollars. Rounding out the top five remake of Stephen king's bet cemetery followed by Disney's live action version version of Dumbo, captain marvel. Finishes this week in sixth place at the box office. We'll sit experts study oceans trouble by what's happening off the coast of Alaska, researchers who look at the northern bearing sea say they are seeing rapid changes that were predicted by climate models last winter there was record low sea-ice, but those changes were not expected until twenty fifty university of Alaska Fairbanks ocean refer Seth Danielson. I'm very concerned about this situation that it potentially impacts the likelihood of fishermen bearing see is home to some of the largest fisheries in the world. Dave Schreiber ABC news game of thrones is back tonight. Some folks are asking the why is this one so popular CBS's Matt piper explains? It hasn't been on HBO since the last season ended in August twenty seventeen. But it's here the eighth and final season of game of thrones. At nine pm eastern and plays at that moment. No matter where in the world, you are. So in London it'll be on there too. Washington post. Tv critic Hank Stewart explains why he thinks this show is so popular his always been Jala gory. It has always had some kind of moral code. And if he wanted to great things. Tents have all that. And it can be as close as you want it to be or it can be as far away and imaginary as you want it to be oh in more than four hundred fifty babies were named Kalisa in twenty seventeen piper CBS news dog who may understand more languages that. A lot of us CBS is Wendy Gillette with the story from New York. I would like you to meet, Molly Joe fit. She's a well trained dog. She obeys all kinds of orders. VN even those in Spanish. Molly is a bilingual therapy dog in New York City that three year old visits kids and teens living in homeless shelters around the city. Her trainer says her ability to understand two languages helps. Connect with more people. When did you let CBS news police soon? Vista hills Alabama say an accidental gunshot struck a child end and adult outside of Chuckie cheese. Investigators believe the gunshot was fired. When the adult was changing the child's diaper. Here's police Lieutenant Michael Kelly juvenile.

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