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Did this we did I mean Felicity Huffman. what she said is probably inexcusable still to a lot of people but I mean if she's being sincere she had money and influence and she tried to use it to help her kid which I think a lot of parents woody. if given the opportunity yeah I mean there are a lot of make it right no not at all we innately as parents want to do anything I don't know the. I mean is that right but I mean if if Lori Laughlin had said something similar then I think that she would. receive a more lenient sentence in your life is going to jail for a while she is they're gonna throw the book at her Kristin capillary posing a revealing that black dress I'm in New York City street yesterday posted it on Instagram nine eleven with the caption. NYC for twenty four hours and what a time to be here always remember to take six clothing brands in our short post bands quickly caught on to the marketing ploy on summer day hours later she changed the caption just to NYC for twenty four hours reports say that Kristen social media manager is the one who posted a photo and caption and that manager was promptly fired should be fired yeah I guess down people we we we've got offices no better when people post a picture of themselves in a bikini and then they say of themselves in the beginning and they go into and honoring our veterans today it's like they don't know you're not you're honoring yourself in a bikini right in a preview for the printed to roast of Alec Baldwin which the air this weekend I cannot wait Caitlyn Jenner hit back at jokes about her transition by highlighting the accomplishments of her children she began on all of you are making the silly comments and jokes about how I kind of cut it off let me let me remind you it made Kylie Jenner the youngest self made billionaire in history it made Kendall Jenner the highest paid model in the world I was right I raise ten children I'm coming up on twenty grand children I didn't cut it off I just retired it it was done they'll talk to her anymore do that they're not I mean the Kendall and Kylie do but I the Kardashian girls are kind of like salty with them I think because of weather the book and now her yes sorry because of the book and and the stuff that was sad about Christian herself those jokes are written right like somebody they have already comedy writers right yeah for them to the ends well we'll do that Leon Rogers DCI our our sister station he writes a lot of those too a lot of jobs for them to more to check out online to tag let's see what we have out there you can see some of the stuff from Caitlyn Jenner when she talks about cutting it off also Selena Gomez casually popped into her old middle school of course people went crazy that Fred anti dot com there's a picture. it's going viral it's it's different anti dot com a young mother to be left terrified by her pregnancy scanned because it looked like she was growing up to have a baby inside of her when her daughter looks at the camera and grinned it does look scary apparently it's a perfectly normal picture was the twenty four week gender scanned the midwife showed they heard a tiny babies beautiful face before breaking the news that she was a girl and they rolled over the bump with that I guess I called the doppler a second time to give her one last look a teenager was left scared as your baby flesh to bizarre grand with eyes wide open it does look a little freaky the pictures of reddit dot com you can see it now hold daily now it check this out this is wild to me Hey a Paris court has ruled that a French company is liable for employees death after the worker died from cardiac arrest while having an extramarital affair yeah actually in the process of having extramarital sex with a stranger on a business trip think about this so he was on a business trip he's on a business trip his wife when he dies and having sex one cheating on his wife sues the company and one I believe that. yeah. I mean he was on a business trip he died on a business trip it's it it's not about the cheating having personal business yeah but if it is. but you're still on a business even die doing anything professional but you can you can be on a trip I mean if you're you're still live. sending him out on the road to do a job and he chose to cheat on his wife and going to cardiac arrest while shooting does this has nothing to do with the T. L. way it's about the fact that he died while absolutely not on the road for work so with the argument be that he wouldn't have died had he not been sent on that business trip is that what his lawyers anyway no I understand but I'm the thing about the cheating like it's the fact that he died while at work technically on the road for work that is crazy no lie see how it would pass I I really didn't get drunk and god for bed get into a drunk driving crash and and dying kill someone else on a business trip if you made that I don't know what the law says but if you made that choice to do that I'm I'm me as the employer I. should be responsible for that. king and driving was a legal fell but what he was doing was illegal it was morally wrong but he was still on a business it was a personal choice and it was and I'm assuming it was not in a board room a conference room or while while doing a professional duty unless he was a professional hooker but he would have died had he not gone on that trip I guess he would have died if you hadn't had if you had to me having sex with someone outside of the scope of his job I'm just trying to think like their lawyer if you want a business trip and you die in a professional doing a professional duty or you die on the way to do a professional duty that to me is different than if you make a poor choice outside of the context of your job and die. that's crazy I don't know he he would have been there though if the radio station if not for the one for work if another radio station sends. someone to do a a club remote and they overdose at the club god for bid that's not on the radio station same situation I think if you die at work it is on but it wasn't a job obligation to sleep with someone it wasn't action to do drugs it was not in it he was sent there for work the like works that he would not have been in that situation had he not been sent there by his company so I have a question god for bid what if somebody gets sexually assaulted on a business trip would that work be liable. a good question they're a victim of a crime then no I understand I'm just so I don't know maybe thinking I think is is the class only flea so what did what did all the art that the employer argued that random hotel sex is not an act of caring up professional duties the state health insurance provider that categorize the death is a workplace accident argue the cheating on your spouse on a business trip is just like taking a shower or having a meal no it's not. spills court agreed with that argument. that is. yes I would agree if you send me on a business trip and I slip in the shower and crack my head we might have a conversation. technically work what I your but in that case I was just doing every day activities and maybe that's his everyday activity I. I don't live in the shower when you're there you certainly don't have to have sex with someone is not your wife and have a heart attack if he died in his sleep. again that will be different conversation why because you're doing everyday normal activities within the scope of what would be expected on a business trip again not a lawyer I don't know didn't die because of the sex so did he yes he had a heart. thank you have to assume this this. you know you couldn't sleep yeah while on the business trip but it just so happened he didn't he had it while doing something that was not within the scope professional I don't I don't know I I don't agree at all he wouldn't have been there don't agree at all New York Post reports that Google docs are fast replacing sacks as the medium of choice among the lusty lovers which I think is also dumb because now you have a. a document rolling documents of of sexy things you're saying to one another as opposed to things that can be a race they go away partners are using the internet giant's cloud based word processing service to send flirtatious notes and suggestive images lovers typically share a single document and exchange messages both in the main body of the tax and using the in line comment function soul for example one related a boyfriend had a Google dot called bed time stories they were dating long distance and it says go to twenty seven pages wow they think it's a modern love letter it's a very fun and fantasy filled activity sometimes we just link to a radical we like Google docs gets you in the Google sheets. says them I don't know I don't know that I would want you let's say you're like riding a bunch is sexy seven posi sexy photos and and it's all in his rolling document and then something happens and you break up now you get a twenty seven page blackmail document. yeah all in one place or what if the queue what's your cloud get Zach which you could anyway they could anyway but I don't need it all in one thing that's named look at my new keys. easier for the couple involved that everybody knows you hide the newsies if you're gonna have a new document you call it twenty sixteen tax return or something you know that's I don't get a look at that trending stories bullet point to such a Thursday next at the shade on kids..

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