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Coast. George Noory with you. Let's go right back to the calls. Michael in Greensboro. North Carolina's been on hold for awhile. Hi Michael, Georgia, I wanted to give my condolences for the passing of Stanford gotten to speak in very briefly, at the end of this show, their Columbus, and I'm glad I got the chance to meet him and talk to him. So what a great guy he will be missed. Absolutely. Yeah. That that was truly shock. So anyway, I wanted to ask you, you know, end against last night was talking about the different generations and so forth. You know, you grew up during the nineteen sixty. So what was that, like, I'm too young that wasn't around then please? Yeah. Kind of tumultuous tell you the truth. I mean racial segregation was a rapid later on. We had the Vietnam war in the seventies, it was a very tough trying time I was in Detroit during the riots, it was, you know, we had John F Kennedy killed on his brother. Bobby was killed and Martin Luther King junior was killed. Those are tough times. They really were. Yeah, I mean, I basically grew up in the nineteen nineties, and that, that was just completely totally different from the sixty today, the u you know, it's a completely different environment from what the baby boomers were growing up in. We went through some different times that. We had some great times, you know, the landing on the moon and things like that. But we also have these very rough difficult time periods in our lives. Sure. Okay. Thanks for the call next up. Let's go to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Christopher it's your turn. Hey there. Joyce, how you doing? Okay. How about you? Good. So. One is speak about mall like unusual happening happened about a month ago. And then I wanna get you update on my dealings with my fuck you. Okay. So. About a month ago. It was about time near my finals. Liking college. And I was driving home to, you know, the day to study for medically finals. And I was going on the way home that was going near a street lights, this random dogs of ran out of my car. So I of course stopped right before he four and he looked at me for some time. And then he just walked walk like, right past my car. And I turned to work. I didn't see the dog anymore. As some people were also who were behind me, also look at around to find that same song. Got away. Okay. So far. Yes. But I like right now like. Why dog jumping on my car, and look at me, and then one half my car, and then when I didn't see him anymore. What kind of dog wasn't? I'm not I'm not much of a dog person on building. No. Dash cam. They have to look at it in he, you know, how close, did you come to hitting it? All like all thirty five about maybe. The away. I guess it was like. I could see it from where I was alive, stop. It could be a dog itself. It looked at me. It was like panting. Headed in. Like how dare you almost hit me. But so now I want to move to my story. So. I want to like on about that years ago when, you know, I was, you know, Bill trying to get used to living inside me, my friend. Who would teach him with? You know, new that she was a demon, and she gave me, this mall will Henin's that had a histogram on it, and I'm thinking, oh, there's gonna be good. I put it on. Like I have been remember saying, why did you wear it? The gifts that my friend gave me so all right? One of the tried on they wanna be rude to her. And think I never wanted to wear. By for a few minutes of that time, it was like very much time. I was. I didn't like Nole. It's happening. Evidently. Came out, and she was like, totally different. She was like a lot more. Like many thing had. I've what they told me, you know, a lot more. War. Level or abnormal. Then what those like I said, Bush's calm. But this is this is this is the suck abyss. Yes. All about. Do you still have this with you? Yes, he is still around. But you don't if I remember you don't really want to get rid of her. No. I mean like I said before she helped me out at time and well that's the key phrase at times. What about the other times? She's mostly Gorman. That's an interesting for a lot of people don't know, this, these are entities that can possess you and. Well, Christopher has one and has had one for years and years, and years and has not really hurt him. But it's it's out there. It's it's around. Antionette annella. Bama. Welcome to the show any go fort. Call appreciate. I'd like to talk about colony collapse disorder. We're leaving vase we are already. Should respect the bay because the base kind of communicate with you. And he's a good citizen. If you'll just really has a chance is he C V close siege? Just be real still giving the chance to fly. Why also, we should respect the wasp, because he's also pollinator assure you just days, not aunt depended on the watt to pollinate her apple orchard, and I've always been respectful toward the us, also and other insects in verses that are polling. I don't get stung by a wasp. That's all. I had one fly right over my head of few inches. Somebody tells me there's a watch. But if you. And that was just real steel, and he flew away and there was no problem lucky. Sometimes they'll still they will attack. Some people you know that. When I was a kid and I didn't know how to interact with was, but now that I've learned how to interact with the wash them stain me anymore. I try to be as soon as I can. Because they're no they create apples. What do you think is causing the colony disorder? I think is herbicides. The round part of it. They made a massive lawsuit against Monsanto every summer needs to van together, and so Monsanto for every single thing that has gone wrong since they've started using the glow site. Well, they're getting they're getting sued by people any and they're losing billions of dollars. Tom, what's our next text or tweet? Okay. This one from Carrick and. How long have we been doing this a long time? Four years four or five years. Something like that. I like not as long as emerging, a lot of people do get emails from people who say I sent you. A text George. You have the phone. I don't. Right. And, and you use it only during the show. So you don't get them afterwards. Right. No. In the problem is that so many come in at sometimes I can't catch him. I remember once we turn the volume up on that phone, and they wouldn't stop there. That's what happens when I turn it on again. Just keeps going keeps going. Hey, what's what, what do we have Carrick in Lubbock, Texas? What would you pick as your last meal? Well, the ask you one question. What rockstar was from Lubbock Texas from Lubbock, Texas? Uh-huh. Wasn't Billy, gee. It was Lubbock know died in a plane crash. Stevie ray. Nope. Buddy Holly, buddy Holly. Absolutely. So what would I want bast meal? Yeah. I mean, like in bed dying. We're, I'm I don't really get particulars here. But I would imagine that you're gonna go pretty soon. I don't think I'd want heat. Okay. Suppose it's a firing squad. Bullets. You really wouldn't eat anything. No. That'd be your last pleasure on earth. Before a firing squad in aiding way you're going come on. You're not look when you're when you're faced death like that. You're not gonna think about eating. I mean, if you're in a hospital in your wooden way, you're going to die. You're gonna think about food. That's where they come up with people's last meal. No. That is for people who are being executed. Okay, if you were being XL I'm not going to be executed. Texting tweet is the ask Eric. I don't know being executed. What would buy last meal? Be twinkies. I don't know. Bill and Hastings, Florida, welcome to the show. Hey, bill. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. I don't see why Trump just tell the Russian that they mile from one of our worship. Well, because they have new spill and God knows what could happen. Howard. I don't like the fact that they're teaming up with China though. Well might just have to. We need to be friendly with everybody. We gotta work this out. They're making us look like idiots in front of the world. Well, they're, they're being very aggressive in certain things, but I don't think blowing them up is going to solve anything, if anything that's going to create a bigger problem. Don't you? Now you can't do that. You can't do that. I mean we've had planes Russian planes. Get too close to our planes. You can't shoot them out. No. No. That would create I think very bad conflict if that happened next up. Let's go to Bob in Ventura, California. Hello there. Welcome to the show, George. It's been a few years. Wow. That long. Yeah. Yeah. Just like gotten away somehow. And I still catch your show. You know periodically. Thank you have a comment, and maybe question, okay. In your listeners called in talking about diseases of the brain, like Alzheimer's and such. And one of the best shows I ever listened to new show was with typology. Yes. Cancer step outside the box. He's a great guy. It's one book with a million word title, the monumental of the medical industry and the lying liars. And all that. But he is the best thing. I got was ETAP students, especially the number one most important on via glued. And it's affected on cleaning all the toxins out of your body. And most, especially was the effect. It has in your brain. I get into died from Arkansas complications. I don't I don't make some that I don't know if that was another caller who also is talking about. Thion but you've anything I think he used his techniques to, to help her. Yeah. Well anyway, it's been shila from from research that not only can stop or concerns and other diseases. It can reverse them, which of course, doctors look. That's right. If you take the most potent form that you can find which you have to order from the manufacturer. It's a mouthful it's life of social with food am which all that means is Mike capsule pharmaceutical grade. No, it's, it's you can buy it without a prescription. It's it's, but you have to buy from the manufacturer because it has to be refrigerated. So they don't sell it. Most of the stores,.

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