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Not to work. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says she hasn't seen the data that supports those claims. There's always going to be look Ah, look at the data by our economic experts, and we're seeing little evidence that enhance unemployment benefits are currently impacting are affecting Americans willingness to work. The April jobs report, released today showed slow job growth in the last month, with only 266,000 jobs added the second lowest so far this year, and unemployment picked up to 6.1%. Experts continuing to predict when and where a Chinese rocket will crash back down to earth. They're still going at it. Fox is Phil Keating has the latest New York to New Zealand original forecast possible crash zone still remains in play. This is a fluid situation and since the rocket is tumbling in orbiting and spiraling and falling out of control, Is proving very difficult to predict exactly where or a region where it is going to crash land, but pretty much U. S Space Command and all space trackers agree that is going to happen This Saturday or Sunday Trackers had a splashing that the South Pacific but one tracker things Western Asia in another things, maybe northeastern Africa, so it remains possible that pieces of it could still land on an inhabited area. That's Fox's Phil Keating reporting. Pfizer and Bio integer are requesting a full FDA approval for their Corona virus vaccine for everyone 16 and over. Fox's Jonathan Siri has that story. The shots are currently provided under an emergency use authorization. Separately, the FDA is expected to decide any day now. Whether to grant emergency authorization for the Fizer vaccine and Children. 12 and older educators predict that development will significantly speed up the reopening of schools closed during the pandemic. In Atlanta. Jonathan Serrie Fox News on Wall Street Today the Dow was up 229 the S and P up. 31 can wriggle ski wjr news, traffic and weather next 75 North found between I 96 the Jefferies and Rosa Parks Boulevard. All lanes blocked due to a jackknife semi 94 years found after telegraph and accident on Lee the right lane open. I know before West found and Van Dyke and accident locks the right lane and there's an accident on I 96 the Jefferies West found before middle belt. And Peggy Hodge, double few Jr traffic and what their first My good friends on meteorologist Andrea Humphrey. You still have scattered showers and storms around as we go through this evening captures go from 50.

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