Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, President Trump discussed on KQED Newsroom


The style in which it's been done but if you just take a look at what they've done the agenda that they have moved forward on actually is fundamentally quite conservative if you look at that tax overhaul if you look at what they've done in terms of regulatory reform if you look at appointments the supreme court and other federal courts really the policy agenda that this administration has pursued is not a whole lot different of the policy agenda that a president jeb bush a president marco rubio would have put would have pursued so and then they merely style issued a style but but at the end of the day we're we're not necessarily left with the style we're left with the substance and so the question has to be as we move toward two thousand eighteen is this administration gonna continue along that path way or are they going to be looking toward a midterm election thinking about ways to capture more voters potentially for republicans and race around the country and also where else can the republicans get together they got together on taxes that was something that spans there was an ever republicans interest what's the next issue that is going to be like that we don't know that yet maybe it's maybe it's infrastructure but that involves a lot of government investment and there's the conservative republicans don't really want that so where are they going to come together next because time is taking may only have you know several months left before the midterm elections and so scott how in the president's policies on things like immigration offshore drilling climate change taxes affecting the republican party in california well i mean i think i do agree that if you go through the the achievements the direct actions taken by president trump a lot of them are surprisingly conventional but i don't think that you can dismiss style and substance so easily because that's the main way that most people interact with the president they they see him in the news they see them on their twitter feed they see him in social media and that does have an effect and i think that is one reason why president trump as a low approval rating even the of the economy is going so well and i think the biggest change that republicans.

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