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And but realistically yeah washington it's been the more physical team but if they're the penalty box steven stamkos will score the power play goal dental break their backs so they've got to be smart watching it's got to be smart two words nikita kucherov he has only one goal in three assists this guy scored one hundred points during the regular season he's not only talented but he's physical for twenty four twenty five year old guy i think he's going to break out the diet he's going to win this game with the score a goal though plachy to other words what he brayden hopi ninety two percent to save percentage in six game sevens this is his seventh game seven the cavs goaltender we've always cliche always comes down to the goaltending these games always does hope he's coming off the shutout popey wins the game for the cat okay okay so you're saying the success he's having game sevens while the team hasn't shared that has the team hasn't won game seven yeah well you're not going to be the best player that's getting you go lashley real flags i'll make you pick you have to get to give it something here caps just because they've won on the road throughout these playoffs we'll move on tonight's game five in boston where we have the alltime showdown of momentum versus home courts in the desire to dean things to get out whether the cast figured out the celtics last games now brad stevens is turned to figure out the figuring out the and bill o advantage boston this still nine and old home they've averaging nearly thirteen points more per one hundred hundred possessions at home during the postseason and their inter desperate this must win for the celtics win.

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