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Say there's no good raising to keep her behind bars. I'm Linda Kenyon, Washington sports Phillies out west visiting the dodgers. Tonight came time, ten ten right now seventy nine degrees with mostly cloudy skies going to sixty four degrees. Overnight. Tomorrow, mostly sunny evening, and overnight thunderstorms with a chance of rain and a high of eighty five degrees Sunday, a high of eighty degrees. CBS news special report. This is the most devastating day in the history of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach. Mayor Bobby Dyer after a man went on a shooting rampage at a government building complex, killing eleven people and injuring six were being treated at local hospitals. Police chief James severa says the sub suspect is also dead. Is a long time employee of public utilities, will not release his name at this time. Immediately began to indiscriminately fire upon all the victims. One of the injured is a police officer who was saved by his vest. This woman is a public works employees, and she says she was barricaded in her office with twenty other people. We heard gunshots. We hearing gunshots and we kept hearing the cops saying, get out, and it was very muffled. Police believe there was only one shooter involved. I'm filling shaken at relieved at the same time CBS news special report. I'm Pam Coulter. At seven thirty two. It's traffic and weather on the twos. Traffic and weather on the Jews is sponsored by window nation by now and pay no interest refined years offer ends may thirty first visit window nation dot com. Let's start with Justin..

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