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One a year of our lord. Jesus christ james cameron. Oh damn i know jaycee hazo creative one since late. It is peter. Kern was a thirty four year old nursing home Living in ohio. Okay and a nine hundred eighty one. He bought a minor league california baseball team. Okay that's just you know the these. Have the baseball. Have a track record lot a lot of stuff going on swapping d- rock-throwing firetruck chasing. There can be a lot in a basement one invented. that's right. The san jose missions were bought for sixty five thousand dollars. The san jose missions as the name of the team. That is a clunky. I already have a note for the team for the. It's called the missions. Are they going to be like as christian baseball team. No no he just bought. The is preposterous okay. I don't like it. We're the missions. It's the journeys is terrible. Name terrible day. We're the maps with zehr francisco maps so the team signed a date very quickly signed a player development contract with the montreal. Expos of major league. Baseball montreal's a team that plays in the top biggest league the pros so they have them. Yeah so they're going to now be what's known as a forum team this means. They'll help to develop young astro player. So it's like kids are just starting out or guys that are working on stuff. Yeah people aren't ready for. The expos are now part of the missions offense right so they're no longer called. They're no longer called after. They're no longer called the missions. Now they're the san jose expos look better so i'll explain how this works for their so. There's major league. Baseball teams h. Each major league. Baseball team has a bunch of lower teams playing below it where they have players. They hope are going to turn into major league baseball players. And there's three levels there's aaa there's double a. and there's a aaa the best and the down at the very bottom. There are the teams scrappers. The new kids rob players. This is the level of the san jose expos. Okay.

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