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She eleven forty nine and the cool ray carrier W. SP twenty four hour traffic center tap of the brakes on the ride in Cobb county seventy five self doubt myself one twenty loop south Marietta parkway due to a stalled vehicle off to the right now just watch for that as you head toward I two eighty five we're also on two eighty five you have that earlier trouble being cleared off to the right by Peachtree industrial Boulevard exit thirty one heading to the cap coming over to four hundred were on four hundred north and south on in cities brings you still have two left lanes blocked each direction for work between the twenty five reps at Abernathy road exit five Steve Winslow ninety five point five W. S. B. you'll love WSP triple team traffic alerts about free access run by your traffic experts at ninety five point five all of these in the apps for traffic it's just so easy to use open the app and set your smartphone aside the app feature audio alerts for your specific road ahead do you buy cool race lifetime parts and labor warranty so informative and just so quick you shut up about one he's not at W. S. B. triple team traffic alerts all right you're on edge all day his sleep terribly at night if that sums up your quote new normal maybe you want to look into C. B. D. we've been telling you about it you've heard a lot about the impressive potential health benefits of CBD now that is the powerful extract from the cannabis plant the hemp plant no there's no high it is legal you don't need a prescription when you shop at C. B. distillery.

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