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The marriage with two billion up Could be a completely different, but he did Nobody he didn't on. And when you're married, it shared wealth, especially after 10 years, the wealth they built together. Why should she not get it? That's right, And he's he is doing a scorched earth campaign stonewalling her on the legal thing, which is right. She needs his lawyers Don't give up. He won't give her access to their financial report. She's doing whatever she can. She's an attorney. He hasn't practiced for awhile. He'll settle for laugh. We were wondering what they Reconcile. Differences are I agreed to go to counseling and stop drinking. That was one thing. He never did that So Oh, that's my dirt! I know. Alright. Hollywood drafting dirty, all right, Not a lot, but we'll get to some. Let's go. 23 94 eastbound in Golden Valley, a crash between Louisiana Avenue and Park Place 94 westbound near Oakdale. Watch out for a little debris on the road, you'll find that by radio drive And the 90 foreigner Change your five eyewitness news. Weather forecast partly cloudy 75 Today Partly cloudy for most of the weekend. So your weekend forecast Saturday Partly cloudy with a high of 80. Partly cloudy Sunday may be a chance of how isolated thunderstorm or two with a high of 83 the cool cloudy day. Mostly cloudy 66 on Monday right now to my talk studio, 73. Partly cloudy My top 1071 Everybody. It's Lori and Julia here for Erik Read Linger Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty and our friend and we are just thinking if you if it's time for you to buy or sell.

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