President Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Russia discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The shutdowns adding stress to very stressful job, he was joined by democratic Congressman Tom Swazi in Westbury Swazi calling for an end to the shutdown and says he's open to a compromise with President Trump, and I'll put money towards physical barriers, but I want to see a comprehensive plan to deal with immigration. I'm not gonna just say, hey, Mr.. Because you're in a bad mood. We're going to give you the money for the wall and forget about all the other immigration stuff. I'm Scott Pringle for seven ten W O R and President Trump insisting again today that he has never been employed by the Russians never work. You know that answer better than anybody. I never worked for Russia. Are the New York Times is reporting that the FBI opened an investigation into whether Russia was influencing Trump after the president fired FBI director James Comey, the hostage situation at south jersey UPS facility now over a spokesman for the Gloucester county. Prosecutor's office says two women have now been freed in the suspect has been shot. The spokesman would not say how the suspect was shot. He would not comment on the suspect's condition. It appears that Harvey Weinstein's lead attorney is leaving the defense team. According to several reports, Ben Brockman is leaving the disgraced movie moguls legal team word is Brockman and Weinstein have frequently clashed and recently had a major blow out over Weinstein's decision to look for new attorneys Bronfman has represented other celebrity clients, including farmer, bro. Martin scraggly and International Monetary Fund director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn Weinstein is set to face a criminal trial in may for sex crime charges. I'm Lisa G for seven ten w o r. Our new legislation is being signed in Suffolk County that would strengthen the enforcement of criminal complaints at amusement and water parks under the new law park operators would need to immediately contact law enforcement when a criminal act, including sex offenses occurs on their property. The Bill was introduced after several YMCA campers were reportedly grope last summer and a wave pool at a local waterpark or than six hundred thousand students not in class today is thirty thousand Los Angeles. Teachers have walked off the job on the picket lines.

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