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The jenin unsure what was it acceptable or wouldn't have been acceptable for the democrats to accept help from the ukrainian government is kept no with the probe of the democrats to accept help from the ukrainian government of what i think if you look at the political article were talking about just a a single article here if you accept all the facts in the article the scale of what the russians did is not comparable to anything in that article captured the power i watched cartoons growing up i remember and bowling call cartoons porous in the taj chef jake must be something often we can do today it was a little use that the russians even a whole different dynamic over the cold war appeared in what the grants anybody went to public school got decent written grades on their report card his studied history unity angle with russia goram swabs hacks moon perhaps it's our our eight four four five hundred forty two forty two we just change the poll questioned we don't do have very often but that seemed appropriate to what change to woohoo cider you want him coulter's or delta's so if you want to get a vote again on the poll question we just we just read that it and we were to take some calls on this and of better seems like i will getting they lose with text messages about this uh you know with who was right who was wrong so world will will you will you do to trump line in the in the poll questioned here this i like my if it will take a couple of the will do a couple of segments on ann coulter the delta a brouhaha and then we'll do hatemail monday at the end of the hour okay eight four four five hundred forty two forty two that's the number to call for the trump blind the trump point when you get their press to win your phone is answered and you could now leave your message the any hour of the day or night we may or may not play your message at this time each weekday the trump line is brought to you every weekday at this time by matthews brothers whose main made when those are available only through better lumber yards.

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