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Welcomes is the Ben Shapiro show. Got a huge hour coming up for you. We'll be joined later on in the Alabama cheat noice. Is the director and founder and chairman of the Quilliam foundation and author of radical my journey out of Islamist extremism. He will be by to talk about radical Islam. Also, we will get to the green new deal with just went down inflaming, if the I know we were all informed that it was deeply important super important. And also, wildly popular. I mean for goodness sake. AFC co-sponsor of that Bill. I mean, she was on the cover of time magazine. She's so important went down fifty seven nothing in the Senate. So I guess we're all dead and twelve years guys. But before we get to any of that news first we are joined now on the line by Rafer Weigel his report from thirty to Chicago. He's been all over the jussie smollet story from beginning Rafer. Thanks so much for joining the bench Parashar again. Great having me on. I actually just recently was promoted to anchor, but I'm happy to also reporter as well. Well, congratulations. Congratulations. Yeah. Congratulations on the allocation. So let's start with this for folks who don't know what exactly happened today because it's been a whirlwind. The Jesse smollet saga ended on a season. Finale that nobody saw coming this shocked everybody the state's attorney's office deciding to completely dropped the charges against me and feel the records, and that's what that's huge because even now provoked of us who power freedom of information act request. See the surveillance video that the Chicago police talked about the evidence against him. We will never be able to see that. Now that has all been sealed completely blindsided the Chicago police department they were shocked afterwards, the mayor and the superintendent Eddie Johnson, the chief of police had a following press conference blasting decision the decision attacking the state's attorney's office in Peter that is completely unprecedented. We've never seen that happen before. In the mayor called this quote whitewash of Justice. So the already strained relationship between the states attorney's office here in Cook County has gotten even worse with the Chicago police department, and this could have huge ramifications for just fighting crime in the future. But nobody saw this coming so Raver explain why that relationship has been strained in the past. Usually prosecutors are working pretty hand in glove with with police departments. Why is there this strange relationship between the states attorney's office and the Chicago PD? Well, the knock on Kim. Fox's that she doesn't like to pursue cases unless she knows she can win now. And we in the media workload. With the police department when they need our help bringing visibility to a certain case because they need lead. And we will help them out in getting the surveillance video out there of a certain suspect. And what have you they'll get the evidence? They'll give Kim FOX. And then we'll call the state's attorney's office of noble proceed, and I've had many phone call where I'm the one calling Chicago police, and they're not going to pursue charges. So behind closed doors in off the record police have voiced their frustration to us in the media of Kim FOX's office and now sharing it on the record because we now know it could be true on the record. We we saw it firsthand from the it was unlike anything I've ever seen spun Bassett press conference with the mayor and the chief hand-in-hand blasting office. So there's already a level of mistrust, and you're talking about a city with thousands of crimes unsolved. And now, this is this is going to show, you know, this is severing that relationship even more. This is going to hurt the morale with the Chicago police department. Thinking like, well, if we do all this work, and we handed over they're not going to prosecute. So yes, it's not a, you know, a violent crime per se. There's certainly the argument that why would you put resources and money into pursuing something that really is not that important in the grand scheme of things, but it was important to the Chicago police department because they worked very hard on this. And they feel they based their credibility was on the line after the quantum McDonald's shooting, which you remember ear in Chicago and officer went to jail for that. And this was now they feel this is under cut their their credibility by doing this. So let's talk for a second about Kimberly FOX, there's been a lot of allegations by a lot of people, including me that she interfered in the investigation, especially early on there a story in the New York Post about Tina Chen who was very close with Michelle Obama for Michelle. Obama aide calling up Kimberly FOX and urging her to kick the case over to the feds as opposed to keeping it in house with the state's attorney's office. Did you have any impact on this decision? She supposedly recused herself. And it was her first aid who did all of this. But I think. A lot of people are suspicious that indicates. Well, the Chicago Tribune actually uncovered the text messages and the emails between Tina Chen and Kim FOX essentially asked her to, you know, make this go away and her response to Chan was I'll do what I can. So the picks on this do not look good now steak stories ops insists this did not come from Kim FOX because she recused herself that it was a deputy state's attorney. I can tell you from everybody that I've talked to outside of smaller legal team. Nobody's fired that this would not have happened without Kim. Fox's blessing at least do did she orchestrated? We'll never know. Now, we do know that she has political ties to Michelle Obama. Did she do this procure political favor, you have to wonder what the risk and reward was because you know, she risked allied by doing this. And and and, you know, creating this divide with the police department who like you said they need to work together hand in hand. Why would she do it? And that's a question. Unfortunately, we're not gonna know. I can tell you. It's no secret that Kim FOX has ask. Operations of higher political office. And and the the thinking is there she must have gotten something in return for doing this. But we can't imagine what that would be just amazing. So we're speaking with Rafer Weigel, he's the anchor for FOX thirty two Chicago. Now, one of the things that Chicago PD has to be fighting mad about is the fact that Smolin immediately came out with his lawyers and suggested that he was not only innocence. But then he wasn't fat still the victim. Despite the fact that Chicago PD had reams of on reams of evidence, including tape of the two guys he allegedly hired buying all the materials including phone logs, including the check that he allegedly signed to these two guys to alleged apparently beat him up. What what are folks inside the Chicago PD? Making of the fact that Kim FOX's office didn't even bother to try and leverage some sort of apology out of Justice moa, not even not apology. Not plea deal. I mean, absolutely nothing. I mean, she thumbed her nose at that department. Essentially, you know, this wasn't you know to call the deal is. It really wasn't a deal. You know, the state's attorney Scott city, Chicago got nothing from Jesse Smolin accepted ten thousand dollars. He put up for his body. And even the mayor laugh at that. It's like ten thousand dollars that barely even covers the, you know, the barely covers the stationary that went into this case, I actually found out about this because now anchor in the mornings, I got home about ten o'clock needed. It's too inside baseball. But you know, I take off my suit on me down. And also my phone starts blowing up with my guy Chikako PD. And he's he's furious screaming he's like, you go and make sure you ask Jesse small if he's gonna pay us back for every time we put into this investigation. It's like, whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Calm. What are you talking about? He's dropped the charges that he was. And so that's how I found out about it. So when I called Jesse smell, let's wrap for the legal team. She's like all I can tell you. There's going to be a very big announcement at one hour, and it's huge, and she sounded very happy. Well, we're yeah. Rafer? The fact is that the ten thousand dollars that was tapped by the by the state's attorney's office. I mean, isn't that proof that the guy believes he's guilty something and wouldn't he be complaining about having to give up to the ten grand? How can they drop all the charges without any real statement is continued guilt and he's going to proclaim his innocence. But apparently, he's just going to let the ten grand bond dope. Hello, this is what all innocent people do is. They just waved the ten grand. I mean, this is uncharted territory in every way and even superintendent Eddie Johnson said that at a press conference. He's like look if I mean to something I know I'm innocent. I want my day in court because you know, they're still gonna always be people who believe that Jesse smell at is guilty. There will still be people believe he's innocent. But now, we're never going to know because you know, the police said told me that they have all the evidence that was revealed in the bond proper a few weeks ago when it's regionally went to court, basically, that's the tip of the iceberg. They say they have much more including smollet on video with the two brothers right before the attack stuck that. We will never see now. So. Yeah. I mean, it's you know, they they really he gave nothing up for that. So that you just have to go. Well, what did Kim FOX game for doing this knowing that after the report from the Chicago Tribune that she's already been accused by folks in the right of being a political crony of the Obamas. Why would she do this? Why would she risk this? And unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever know the story gets even weirder. Apparently, the state's attorney's office said that you know, he'd already done community service. Now, we're finding out that what that meant is that he had gone over to Jesse Jackson's organization and hung out with Jesse Jackson for something like ten or fifteen hours, and this was apparently sufficient to fulfil whatever community service they were looking for. So this isn't a political payoff in any way. Apparently. Yeah. And then you know, that was interesting. It was one of the things I tweeted is that you know, the thinking it's not the state's attorney's office was even if he was found guilty. He was just going to do community service anyway. And their argument was well, he's already done community service in when we asked that what do you mean what community services he's gone? They said something in fact, I wrote it down. But you know, he's been a solid outstanding member of the community since he was sixteen years old. So, you know, he didn't do community service for this crime. So what do community service for it? It's it's just it is really I don't care what side of the political while you're on. This is gonna leave you scratching your head in the second own asking one more question about the status of the federal investigation. I gotta take a quick time out and points out that people think cybercrime is something that happens to other people, you might think no one wants your data or that. Hackers. Can't grab your passwords or credit card. Details you would be the wrong stealing data from unsuspecting people? In public wifi is one of the simplest cheapest ways for hackers to make money when you leave your internet connection unencrypted, you may as well be writing your passwords and internet credit card numbers on a huge billboard for the rest of the.

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