Witness Tampering, ABC, Parkland School discussed on Red Eye Radio


News talk eight fifty w f l hey vick king of summer in paradise are the ruler of paradise sunday clearing the palm beach post sunday on the waterfront celebrate father's day starting at four myron peter that's correct i've come the land us stones rolling stone's tribute to play every father's beam zone wbz be dot org slash events powered by the palm beach post and discover the palm beaches former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is heading to jail after a judge revoked his bail on charges of witness tampering abc news legal analyst royal oakes tells us that this means and what this means in terms of the russian vest it thickens the manafort plot and certainly not in a good way for him i mean he's already looking at two trials in the next few months in federal court in virginia in july and in washington dc in september on that laundry list of charges to now on top of the financial crimes he's accused of he's looking at witness tampering allegations as well that led to the bail revocation president trump tweeted quote what about komi and crooked hillary and all of the others very unfair federal prosecutor a federal prosecutors indicted elizabeth homes on criminal fraud charges for allegedly defrauding investors doctors and the public as the head of the once heralded blood testing startup theranos and friday night in chicago and antigun rally with parkland school shooting survivors urging young people to vote ahead of this year's midterm terms this is abc news w rf hd two breaking news.

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