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Stopping at Jamaica station this weekend for signal work other than that double ours on a close also subway service other than some normal planned work no issues or delays alternate side issue pardon rules in effect tomorrow and begin his arrows next report eleven thirty one on ten ten wins the current viruses claimed another victim this time it's the city's restaurant industry where to Blasio has announced that he plans to sign an executive order tomorrow limiting restaurants bars and cafes to food takeout and delivery only on top of that nightclubs movie theaters small theater houses and concert venues must all close that order taking affected nine AM this Tuesday Andrew Reggie of the New York City hospitality alliance says he hopes third party delivery services like uber eats agreed to reconsider their fees or it could put a lot of restaurants out of business currently delivery platforms charge restaurants feed anywhere from fifteen to thirty percent of the total order which is unsustainable for small businesses in a good market and now that we are in a state of emergency and we're just trying to keep our doors open if possible and keep a few people employed we must have the fees there are now five corona virus deaths reported in New York City alone with three hundred and twenty nine confirmed cases statewide seven hundred twenty nine people are now tested positive across the state earlier tonight the mayor announced that classes being canceled at all city schools effective tomorrow when he says it was a very difficult decision to make this is a decision that I have taken with no joy whatsoever with a lot of pain honestly because it's something I could not the million years imagined having to do well we are dealing with a challenge and a crisis that we have never seen in our lifetimes and is only just begun so I regret to have to announce that as of tomorrow our public schools will be closed and he says classes will not resume until April twentieth at the earliest this means more than a million city students will be home from school for weeks all students our schools rather now being closed all over the tri state in fact Connecticut governor governor Ned Lamont has announced a dramatic step ordering all public schools state wide to cancel class beginning this Tuesday through at least the end of the month on Long Island all public and private schools have been ordered to close their doors as well for the next two weeks in both Nassau and Suffolk counties Westchester will soon follow suit according to governor Cuomo new Jersey's governor Murphy meanwhile saying he expects to announce tomorrow that his state will also order all of its public schools to be shut down until further notice and that they are also considering a statewide curfew the city in fact now is watching and waiting hoping that the corona virus does not take a toll on the men and women who keep the five boroughs running they are the life blood of our city we depend on them and uniformed firefighters association president Gerard fitz Gerald says it's essential that when we cast these workers for the corona virus they get the results quickly firefighters the police EMS nurses doctors you know all of us that are that are in this in this fall that that we need to limit the amount of exposure so the faster we know that somebody has contracted the virus the quicker that we can put the protocols in place and that limit the exposure by anybody coming into contact with that person fitzgerald speaking after a second fire fighter tested positive for the virus this one a captain in Brooklyn they say the captain did not of recent contact with patients and is now under self quarantine along with more than thirty colleagues at a sheet metal worker with the Long Island railroad tested positive the MTA saying this worker had no direct contact with the public Roger stern ten ten wins in Manhattan earlier today vice president Mike pence promised the plans have been made to expands testing for the virus for now though tests remain in short supply forcing health officials to ration testing many people saying they haven't been able to get tests even if they have symptoms without widespread testing experts say they can't know how widely the disease has actually spread keep it locked here ten ten wins in ten ten wins dot com for the latest coverage of the corona virus outbreak wins news time eleven twenty five right it's Jamie progressives number one number two employee leave a message at the Hey.

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