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Sunday night baseball on espn radio back here admitted made why we are used for judge yhombi chris single canada big break ball from david price drops it for a strike as jake maria nick gets a chance he he marizzi nick who flight the left his first time off now the pit in another curve at establish winger to me maria snake we documented out good he is defensively and a guy who is take into this role both employees every day replace a pick look inside it now wanted to f one of the things about this astra's squabbles you can't really complain about your role your risk or if you're greg man who's not play it every single day because we often see struggles because we look up and see how well the teams playing and now out in front they are in the division and you just got to hang with a and by into the team concept of hayes longer winning games expitchers outside the red sox dugout start get after greg gibson prior to the previous he took off his mask you let him know that's enough so they feel it must robes getting some pitches the price is not the key to checks weighing it up all the dirt didn't go where space on fire shane lyons parker live it's bargar delivered a safe son we get a super slow mole look at the replay and he definitely hilde great four times the not they do not hold up briatore judo price hicks by sweigert amiss yet a strike out for david price as his first of the night wild isn't it i mean that's but i also think it tells you i know he's given up a run in three innings i do think that that that strikeout lumber gives you an idea of just how sharp he's been worship how sharp he has not been the ailuk the astros they get the secondhighest home run runrate in the league and the lowest strikeout rates that's pretty impressive when you consider their mashing the ball in they're not striking out very much but expitchers lie caught a short as bogart smears that one out of the year off the bat of spranger judea.

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