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Doesn't breaking news Disney laying off 28,000 workers. It is Disneyland and Disneyworld theme parks due to continued struggles caused by the pandemic company announcing that today officials saying two thirds of the planned layoffs of part time workers they range though from salaried employees to nonunion hourly workers. The park's closed of course over the spring is a pandemic started spreading in the U. S. Florida Parks. They're still open. They open up in the summer. Come months ago, but the parks here in California as of course, you know, have yet to reopen. They're still waiting on guidance from the state. It's to await three years after the me to movement adjust, really study shows most people working in the entertainment industry still don't feel powerful harassers would be held accountable. Hey, uh, next inseventy. Similarly, Valdas has this live report and it was a big study to nearly 10,000 workers. Toothy, online 110 questions survey by the Hollywood Commission. Malia Arrington is the executive director. Only 35% of our sample believed that a powerful harasser would be held accountable. We know they're scared to report and they are not reporting. The survey also found witnesses to harassment. We're free to report afraid they, too, would be retaliated against Hollywood Commission is developing a new pilot program where people can report of users online anonymously. It works if more than one person reports the same type of incident from the same person. They will be contacted to see if they want thie. Alleged incidents to be investigated. Reporting live. Emily Valdez que next. 10 70 NewsRadio Los Angeles man's been charged with trying to kill two LAPD officers of the department's harbor station San Pedro Saturday night. Jose Serpa Guzman said to be arranged today, it's Long Beach Courthouse on two counts each of attempted murder and assault with a semiautomatic firearm, along with one count each of second degree robbery and evading and resisting an officer kind of a shocking statistic from LAPD chief Michael Moore, who says that assaults against police officers have risen more than 150% compared to this time last year. 282 versus 110. More says most of the increase came during protest against police brutality that began in May. During today's police Commission meeting, chief Moore said he understands the need for changes in policing. But the numbers are troubling and the trends are serious Men again Just repeating the breaking news from a couple minutes ago, Disney laying off 28,000 workers of the parks in California and in Florida. Because of the pandemic. Big delays on the five out of the new hall pass because of that long, long playing SIG alert. We're checking the roads again at 2 15. It's to 11. If you are retired or retiring, soon subscribe to the money matters with Ken Merav podcast. We cover topics like what to do Now, if you've lost income when and how to take Social Security..

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