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Podcast 42


And we are live. It is podcast forty two. I am Christopher Devos. I'm Sabrina Pierre Iowa. Thanks to the corona virus. We're GONNA do things a little different tonight There are certain Kerr curfews in place. Where in Florida and J. L. is not allowed to leave his county so jail is on the phone and the rest of us are in the studio. That's exciting online here. I didn't even have to get dressed for this. This is great. I figured he didn't have pants on. I'm really just line here. Nothing really odd. I'll post a picture of later on the site. Oh great well. If we were we supposed to wear pants the pants are always optional. That's never okay so this we're GONNA do the first remote beer cooler. We're doing a little different to where going to taste there and raid it right away so jail. What did you remotely bring us in your beer? Cooler I m bringing her and and who is Vice Brian? That's your favorite brewery. Well let's give the sucker soup. I like it. You're going to see how much editing I do. Based on how long this beer cooler segment takes place. So I'll start. I've had this before I had to set a Kyle's party. You have thanksgiving. Yeah you actually told me to try it and I lie to you and I said I liked it at the party. Did Not like I didn't like it at the party. That much but dragged whole can but this time I don't know I like it better. Maybe because it was sitting in that cooler and you know the big Tub of Ice Cooler. Maybe sometimes that messes things up. I don't know but This isn't bad Is Very hoppy has got that hop finish. Not My favorite. But I could probably go three of these. Why would you think there's a hop finish on there that it has a Finnish and mentioned the.

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