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I call it a day tell you about how we got tonight insurance because i'm quote unquote two famous are you kidding me for this test the most ridiculous thing i almost no i i like went into tears hearing this and like this is this especially the thing on the planet i who isn't then and you i what i was listening to land in on the phone okay so here's what they said so we had applied for this umbrella policy this like an extra insurance for your house and we re we have a home that we rent and it covers in case somebody susan above all is good stuff it's wonderful well they were like somebody in the and the name that i submitted was sarah patterson in never subservience anywhere will somebody in the office is the brain candy brainiacs or new me from the show and knew that i was sarah patterson recognize their patterson google me and the underwriter soft me on google and was like now we're gonna denier because it's more likely and you know who this they were like oh they gave us the example i'm like listening on the phone as landen's dealing with all this lends like she makes no money from that and also she can't even get into a club like do you understand and they're like well if somebody like leonardo dicaprio were to get weird it i was like okay hog key just remain safe category as alito you got your everything's twisted here i am so mad about this so i was like this is another example of how we get zero dollars zero zero credibility maybe negative negative credibility so please don't bump into me and then try to sue me people.

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