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And yet neither the US government nor Google or any of the other hacked companies would would outright named the Chinese government as their attackers in fact amid talks of human rights abuse and caps on freedom of information. The author of the instigating Google blog post went out of their way to praise the Chinese government. Take for instance this this paragraph quote we have taken the unusual step of sharing information about these attacks with broad audience not just because of the security and human rights implications of what we have an earth but also because this information goes to the heart of a much bigger bigger global debate about freedom of speech in the last two decades. China's economic reform programs and its citizens and trooper neural flare have lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese people out of poverty indeed. This great nation is at the heart of much watch economic progress and development in the world. Today and quote isn't that strange combination of sentences. It's like cutting a bully. I don't like that you punch me in the face but I love your technique. Just about everybody involved in Aurora era did this same tightrope act insinuating without blaming and so without any smoking gun evidence that's where things stood for awhile by late two thousand and ten as new evidence the case slow to a halt the story of Operation Aurora uh-huh fizzled out whatever was stolen was replaced. Whoever had stone it had gotten away with their crimes months passed and then beginning on November twenty eighth two thousand and ten hundreds of thousands of you s State Department cables obtained by Chelsea Manning then Bradley Manning were released through Julian assange wikileaks then published with names redacted for the public they suggested that the entire affair all thirty five hacks billions in damages images trade secrets and more originated with single high ranking politician who didn't like the result of his Google Search Quote Police Bureau Standing Committee member X. recently discovered that Google's worldwide site site is uncensored and he's capable of Chinese language searches and search results. X. allegedly entered his own name and and found results critical of him he also noticed the link from Google dot. CNN's homepage to Google Dot com which X. reportedly believes eaves is an quote unquote illegal site x asked three ministries note most likely Ministry of Industry and Information Asian Industry State Council Information Office and Public Security Bureau to write a report about Google and demand that the company company sees it's illegal activities which include linking to Google dotcom according two US State Department informants. This Chinese official frustrated that a negative search result about himself could so easily be reach through Google's Chinese site discussed how to censor with other members of the Communist Party representatives of the party told told Google to remove the link to its uncensored worldwide site from his Chinese homepage. Google refused to do so in response onto the Chinese forced three of the major state owned telecommunication entities to not do any further business with the company and initiated the first mass-scale international state sponsored cyber haste in history.

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