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Niners. Chargers just weekend down in southern California. A couple of minutes here with their play by play announcer. Matt money Smith mad. Did the Mitra Simoni memories have petrous papagiannis on the other day? He was very strong mad said, I don't need him got rid of them. But. Gone gone to great heights without petrous where the money come from. We're still getting still getting mad on the line. Still getting mad on the line. That's all right. No use having him there where the where about, you know, get him in just for a couple of seconds. And. And we'll go from there. Mike of anybody on hold too long. Gary cost the company money big dollars. But I will say this. But the chargers they're one in two, but it's the most deceiving one and two in history because they've given up seventy three points in almost nine hundred yards to probably the two best teams in football right now, the Rams and the chiefs rights you lose to the Rams you lose to the chiefs. You don't look that good. They haven't had Joey Bosa. But man, the chargers when you look at and their defense has not been very good this year. But Keenan Allen Mike Williams at wide receiver. Travis Benjamin if he gets healthy and then out of the backfield throwing it to Melvin Gordon or this kid Austin cler they've got options they've got receiving options at running back. They've got big play wide receivers. Big bodied wide receivers on the outside and the Niners defense. No, Richard Sherman. No Adrian Colbert tarts banged up with. The shoulder. This thing's going to be challenging by the way. Ten AM at the fourth boar in Arinda. Stop by say Hello to Dennis and John. And I and we will be there talking Niner football. All right. Sounds good. See what see what John is done with his hair? By the way, the Niners have worked out a bunch of quarterbacks EJ Manuel. Tell me if you any of these guys float your boat EJ Manuel was with the raiders Landry. Jones was with the Steelers Kellen Clemens career backup L, Tom savage concussed last year. Matt simms. Chrysanthemums little brother j Yates did win a playoff game one time might as well go like I said, you might as well go to the big quarterback working on the reality show. Joke teller Jesse Palmer wear makeup. Kyle allen. Johnny Manziel is in the Canadian legal. Then I'm saying I'll say it again. I know nobody wants to hear me say this anymore because you know, it's tired. But there's two guys on the practice squad. That makes sense Jake Rueda who's a pretty good quarterback takes care of the football solid quarterback. And and Davis Webb six four to twenty son of a coach, I didn't get a big run in New York. What happened? There's he was drafted by one GM, then Dave gentleman took over and said, you know, what I'm gonna go my own direction. We're staying with Eli and we're bringing in this Kyle Aleta. They didn't give him much run in the preseason. Cut him loose. He's on the jets practice squad. You tell me. Davis webs, not better than these this collection. We don't know haven't seen him at the current level. You know, what the bottom line though is? And you can last year Miami thought when tannehill went down. Well, we still got a pretty good team. So let's get an experienced guy. And they bring in Cutler, and that that didn't really work out if the forty Niners just get somebody that you know, is perennial. Backup. That means. They're going to just eat the season. You know what I mean? Well, they're going to go with CJ Beathard. No matter what I'll say this. My first impression my soci- g breath or this summer was made the forty Niners actually have two quarterbacks that they can win a game with this year. And then bathroom was very unimpressive in the preseason. All right. Well, established connection Matt money Smith guess line. What's going on Matt? Oh, what an honor to be on sports leader for this gentleman. Well, if you were that aside, you would have been here two minutes ago. But that's. There you go. Amen. Where did the money come from? Then we'll start talking football. Because every every time we see your name is never just Matt Smith. It's Matt money Smith where did that come through stupid? You know, wacky morning zoo. That's where I got my start down here in L A. Everybody's gotta have a nickname. Right. Okay. Sports guy. So they decided that made me money for the whole. I guess gambling that be cool. Like, here's a wise guy and stock. Doc. Forty five year old guy all self money. They say the rest is history. How did the chargers view this forty Niner game with no Jimmy Garoppolo? Oh, I'd say considerably different than with Jimmy Garoppolo. It's a nice things last year. But the one thing about Jimmy is just so accurate interest. Looks to be a perfect quarterback for that Kyle Shanahan system, you know, play action plant your deliver and bad. It's just a perfect fit. And it's gonna be tough to replace that. No question about it. So I think they'll try to pressure, you know, better. And at dial up simplicity, which they weren't doing it all last year because they were able to get to the quarterback, which is four host was on one side. And Melvin Ingram was on the other. So I think we'll probably see us try to move CK office spots and make them uncomfortable. And that was something they did to Josh Allen against buffalo. And it helps them get to twenty eight nothing lead early on are the chargers challenged on defense. Or is it simply boasts is not healthy. And they played the Rams and chiefs. You you hit it right on the head. They played the two best offenses in the league without their best defensive player. No doubt. When when Bosa comes back, and they're able to get help. And he's back to what he is. He's able to even if he's eighty percent they're going to be able to get to the quarterback with four. And that was the key to that defense last year, you know, allowing average of seventeen points per game and just wrecking passing games. It was so hard for teams to pass against the chargers because they were I mean, they were died. Most of the time. I mean, you were talking about Philips and Desmond teen being out there as a back with the starting four, and they got better, you know, in the secondary with the injury to Jason. Trevor Williams is fine at that other corner spot, you know, that's been king. It's an extra year experience now at the nickel, enduring jeans. I mean, my goodness it back. I could play strong safety the entire game. I already in the conversation as as the best scorn state beat in football. He's been that special through three games. All right. Matt money. Smith is our guest play by. Play voice in the chargers. How's the transition been especially with the Rams off to such a great start? Rams. Of course, the original NFL team in in Los Angeles are people buying into the chargers. It's been a little slow, you know, to be honest with you. But it's definitely growing ladies much more. I don't wanna see substantially stronger than it was last year. You know, we did the Rams game last week at the Coliseum and because chargers almost kind of did football a favor not necessarily charter Fanta favor by playing at step up center where it's just an experience that we will never see again. Whereas Matt what's that how much how many people do they see three twenty three? I thought it was thirty two. Twenty three. Warranty three thousand in. It's not just every seat has a great sideline. It's the sounds. There's not nine years for eighty thousand people screaming. So you hear yelling at one another. You hear trash-talking your audibles here refereeing player conversations? Because that white noise is so much more than it would be otherwise. So you get a lot of visiting fans because they want to see it, you know, that I I would imagine there will be a strong forty nine or kitchen up center because if you're gonna go on the road, you're gonna get down to south southern California. It'd be you're gonna see something that you'll never get to see again about the forty Niners playing in front of twenty thousand people. So I think that's I think that you know of so many opposing fans of the stadium is perhaps their close. But it's just such a great experience at football fans across the country. Gotta say, thanks panels for doing that. Because it's pretty darn cool. The question on my joking your sold out. Yes. Okay. All right. Fair enough. Yeah. Go ahead. Yes. Season seats sold out. I think because every team this is the interesting thing rights because every team has to make a certain percentage of their seats available day of last year. That's why we weren't sold out a lot because that's percentage average ticket prices almost two hundred bucks because it's so small so you've got to put them up for sale the week of gain. They sell those two hundred twenty dollar seats will now they were able to adjust and say, okay, you don't have to put up, and I know this isn't that interesting is big of a percentage. So yes, now, they're selling out all these games. You know, it's interesting. We're talking to Matt money Smith on the Huma guest line Niners and chargers go Sunday in Carson. Of course, we'll have pre game for you at ten AM on on came on K G O eight ten and it's kind of a star studded coaching staff Anthony lens the head coach. But then Ken Whisenhunt former head coach of his in his own, right? He's the OC Gus Bradley former head NFL head coach he's the defensive coordinator, we know George Stewart here he was a niner's special teams coach for years and years. I was listening earlier this morning and endangered. Jeremiah was on. He was saying that the chargers offense this year's been a little bit different because they've been throwing it out of the backfield to Melvin Gordon in Austin actor there two running backs and that that has made a real impact. What do you expect them to do against the forty Niners? How do you think they'll try to attack the ninety? I think similar Phillip still rivers Pro Bowl season last year. I think he's just kinda cement this case with all the fame continues on this track this season from last year when he was a pro bowler. And and really, you know. Ask a lot of the deficiencies of that charters offensive line inability to run between the tackles. There are a lot better in that category. And I'm sure DJ alluded to those two back stats with actor and Gordon because probably the better between the tackles runner. He is able to make something out of nothing. He'll be dead to white in the backfield. The whole will close off in feet figures out a way to get through. So I think what coach within on southern in calling the plays is he's getting those carries two while playing to the strength of Melvin Gordon, which is not on the edge. You know, wanting to sweep and then pitching it to Gordon so he can attack it through a screen pass around a pitch and that's made the run game. A lot more effective. I think that's kind of disarm degree to not what Anthony Lynn invasion when it came to a balanced offense. He's more of an old school guy Powell between the tackles feed them up. Let's get the push on the offensive line coach with his has sold them on the idea of. Hey, run the ball. That's not where our strength. One of the ball leaves? So let's do it this way and see if we can get a more balanced offense. And that's what they'd had through these first three games. A couple more minutes with with Matt Smith met calls again for the chargers. Kind of a big picture question. Do you think? Indeed. The ownership group says, hey, we made the right move or taking a guess any buyer's remorse leaving San Diego after all these years to now come in and have to pretty much play play second fiddle to the Rams. You know, I can't answer forum. But if I were asked that question because I used to call games global the national game of the week somewhere around the country. I probably did six or seven San Diego charter games over the previous three four years. It was the best down there. I mean, it was it was applause. It was half full was outdated stadium in. There was just degree apathy creep in. So I think it's kind of revisionist history of all you have this great dedicated fan base that Bruce Dickinson was supporting this team. And that's just not what I saw. So I think when you combine that with the limited financial resources the inability to get a stadium built in a city that was gonna be overshadowed by the brand new stadium that was being built in L A and taking some of those World Cup event style event. Soccer international soccer stunned. You get it. I get why they came up. So I think financially for them. LA makes much more sense the investment or the lack thereof that they have to put into a new stadium versus what they would have had to put up for a city that really over the last half decade had given them the support that perhaps they were suggesting say worse. I think financially they're pretty darn comfortable. I think on a fan base will probably take it. Okay. This is gonna take us a little bit longer than we initially thought. It was going to get some traction here. Hey, Matt will let you go. You know, obviously, we're bay area. We'd know a lot about Keenan Allen here. But Mike Williams was a top ten pick in man..

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