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Both directions between two hundred forty it into 52nd that ongoing police activities or detour set up a going that way leaving it over the ifi instead also watching some fellow right now southbound 5 in will of we have a fresh run of the five eighteen interchange this one partially blocking the your offerings you are getting by itself a quarter mile slow there for the main line in a weekend traffic alerts at the pass along if they're going east of the cascade possible glaze across the still call me passed the ongoing work on i ninety both directions between north bend and ellensburg your next report's eight forty four i'm michael astronaut shannon o'donnell has the forecast was the of outdoor plans this weekend and they're flexible i would make them on sunday instead of saturday saturday is just going to be a good old fashioned so here with the rain coming down sideways think it's windy as well as big round of moisture really aiming into oregon's at the close to the oregon state line now whether you're going to be that all of us all the way to the canadian border seeing a lot of increasing rain on saturday some flooding concerns there's overall flood watch in place because of the higher rivers especially those coming out of the south cascades and temps way up into the upper 50s senior sixty said a cell level high to your crossing the passes may be heading out to route on the kubes we'll see us all of us seven thousand feet sell i'll let rather than white over the casket past passes tomorrow chill in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell fifty one degrees this hour thirty nine days from now either carry munar jenny durkin will take the oath of office become the next mayor of seattle before that happens one of them needs to win the election on november seventh mood and durkin appeared together live you're on kabul radio this afternoon we ask durkin what she liked to accomplish in her first two years in office if she wins the vision i have for seattle is we solve these tough.

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