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Same old narratives and characters youtube is now where the entertainment industry is finding new talent like why cast a new actor who we don't know if she or he is going to hit but why not you know cast them one who already has a great following and so what's exciting about youtube is that some of the biggest actors on youtube are people of color and a lot of them are women of color as well well who like lillee seeing who has over thirteen million subscribers why a porous due to win obviously i know you too while you has an influence on the entertainment industry as a whole tv has the edge a rich bigscreen counterpat when it comes to producing inclusive content dunno hunt explains why television the the various entry or lower we have like 1200 or so tv shows in our in our database that's 1200 opportunities for people to get involved whereas only talking about a couple of hundred films even though some of the most profitable movies of recent times have been created by and start people of color so look i go do research apparently whole bunch of brothers been missing suburb place queen you will not scared it is man he had been high in yes you guys we need an girls trip my son it suit time showme matters spin duty out jail you get to decide what kind of can you going to me think oscarnominated get out which is made two hundred fifty million dollars to date gulf trip which made over one hundred forty million dollars worldwide and we can forget marvels black panther which is expected to do big things at the box office darnell hunt says there's another reason for hollywood's reticence ever since the great recession on mid2000s hollywood with making something like thirty percent fewer major films and as we've seen throughout.

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