Pound, Wallace, President Trump discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise


Pound saw that is pretty obvious wallace guilty for many go to on the killing is the oliver stone movie jfk the second shooter the grassy knoll the mob a magic bullet the magic bullet it is the president's back headed downward at an angle of seventeen degrees then moved southwards one hundred ten groups including individuals like lbj involved in the assassination and that's just a child is not circular in painstaking detail boulia's he goes over why he says the theories can't be true true their tora of books are radio tv rule these on college on college lectures at federa the shrill voice of the conspiracy theorists finally penetrated the consciousness of the american people and convinced the majority of americans i don't know what the number is not keep marion i honour sixty s seventy s eighty percent or 50 percent believe that oswald those either glamour of a highlevel conspiracy or just from patchy whose frame he says even if there was a conspiracy caused walled charlie would have been one of the very very last people on the face of this earth whom they would have gotten to do their bidding for them as he says what kind of international football would rely on a guy with a twelve dollar rifle from a mailorder catalogue with a history of mental problems he says are haven't been any credible leaks that have come out in the past fifty years at one time or another water more conspiracy theorist had accused the forty two groups eighty two assassins and two hundred fourteen people has been involved in the conspiracy to assassinate president preposterous out of chase through no credibility so to former prosecutor bouillaud see its case closed i personally am not only am satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt as guilt beyond beyond all down that's vincent baliles he said postscript to this jury julios he died last year at each eighty charlie harger komo news komo news time 1210 time for your komo propel insurance money update mixed numbers on wall street with the nasdaq three points for the dow down fifty and the s p is about flat edgy stocks are up as the price of oil turns higher oil rose two percent on reports that opec might extend its production cuts orders for longlasting manufactured goods falling last month for the.

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