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I mean i make fun of a lot. Well that's colorado weather for you but it's the it's the truth and more. That is something that like. I said. I think more and more ranchers are realizing 'cause it's not like a skin him a check for whatever is going to bring their aspect that they have the ability to go by feet right and that's what it's all about to be able to go by feed not have sell their cattle off before they were ready to though it's very important. Yeah and often compare it of people asked me well that that seems people who are not familiar with ag. Sometimes tanner they ask questions. And it's kind of like saying well you know if you didn't have windshield coverage on your and get a rock in it and you have to come out. It can come out of pocket. You're paying a premium you know to cover your auto or you should be anyway instead. And you've got this coverage in you get a loss get paid to offset some of the loss sprite. And this is the same thing. You're risk management in one of the riskiest industries to be in nine thirty seven time. Let's get another break here when we come back on the other side you know i mentioned it a little bit About some of the state government and even federal government nosing around a little bit in the agricultural world. We'll talk a little bit about that when we come back. It's no co now harvest talk with nine crop insurance. Let's get to the bottom. The our news and weather said in colorado never stops we. This is no co now presented by shanin agency. Here's tanner's swint Tuesday morning northern colorado. Welcome in to the inclusion specialist studios high. Mt honors went. Thanks for being with us again. Here on this tuesday excited to be with a fun show for you today and if you're in the agricultural world you're not gonna wanna miss this first our as well if you've been driving into working well driving anywhere really in the last couple of weeks. Chances are if you've been in weld county you've been behind silage truck or or trying to get around asylum struck and it is harvest season so for the first time we're going to have harvest talk with the jeanine agencies sitting in here alive with me in the article asian specialist studios lis- introduce our guests here. Janine freeman janai crab insurance janine normally. It's mike sitting across from me. And i'm grilling him about a lot of things We're going to have a little bit more fun. I think i think south. Thanks for being here. Also joining us. Kim red and kim thank you so much for coming in thank standard. You're absolutely guys and Janine you've been on the radio. But i gotta call it out. You're a little nervous this morning. Oh no no no. No but if i start talking too much yeah no i got i got you but this is exactly the perfect time for it and we know you love to talk to you. So it's going to be. I do it'll be it'll be perfect. All right guys Well let's just let's dive right in and and there's a lot about the agricultural industry and i think it's been seen and been noted over the last year especially you know as our government kind of started to take some cracks and and Start to attack the cultural industry a little bit..

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