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Juju is a big physical receiver. Johnson is not small, but he certainly can't match up size wise right to Smith Schuster. Smith. Schuster is a good receiver, Um You know, I think the past game is going to be different for the Steelers. I think you're going to see more play action. I think, uh, I guess what I'm waiting to see is Ben played almost exclusively out of the shotgun a year ago. I'm very curious to see now that they have Najee Harris. If Ben is more under center and the run games, a little more conventional and traditional, and then they work. The play Action pass came off that Ben has been notorious for not being a big fan of turning his back to the defense. And, you know, obviously, if you do conventional play action with the quarterback under center, your quarterback has to turn his back to the defense. Right. And yeah, And if if it does, indeed go that direction, um I mean, look at last night, the Cowboys lose that game to the to the I don't know if you've seen any of the Tampa Babe. Um Tampa Bay Dallas Game. Most of the tape, right? Um, uh, you know, a guy like Ezekiel Elliott, who's a franchise kind of running back. They got big money invested in him. He gets the ball 11 times. Is the league. I mean, Is art or the Steelers. Really going to buck the trend that is everywhere else in the National Football League, set perhaps Baltimore and start handing the football off 25 times a game. Well, I think there's other teams that do do that, Steve, But there's no question people would argue. It's a passing league. I don't know if it's sustainable to have Dak Prescott dropped back 60 plus times every week and because it's week one, and they played a buck's defense. That is really, really good against the run. We don't know if that's the M O for the Cowboys going forward. Or if that was a function of the opponent last evening, so that that's hard to answer. Um I I just took with the revamped online with been a year older. Ben does not move the way he used to. I I just don't know if it's viable to have been dropped back by choice. 45 50 times a game which they did in a number of games a year ago. Then why draft Najee Harris? Right? Yeah. I think they will have a lot more balance to their offense. And I do think Ben is going to be under center a little bit more, maybe than even he would prefer based on what we're hearing out of Pittsburgh with new OC. Matt Canada. What about Friar? Move, though, Greg? I mean, this is a guy that You know what people are trying to get a read on through the course of the preseason. Obviously, Eric Ebron is still there. But Friar Muth is, you know a pass catching tight end. I mean, so He's not probably the same all around player that Heath Miller was for them for years. He's more of a one dimensional tight end. How quickly do they incorporate him into the offense, knowing all of the receiving weapons they have at the receiver position? Yeah, well, it's funny. You mentioned Heath Miller because when I watched trying with 2019 tape, where it was a full season in 2020 only played four games, but I watched all those games as well. And I actually made the Heath Miller comparison because he's improved as a blocker. Uh, he was better in 2020 is a blocker, and he was in 2019. And he's very, very good on third down. He's a red zone weapon. You know, I think he'll be a factor for them. I think the question really becomes, will they play? Or how much will they play at at 12 personnel with one back in two tight ends when they have three really quality wide receivers, and I'm not sure we know the answer to that. But I don't think you draft Freimuth in the second round. Chris. I mean again. Now we're just spitballing here. You know, they draft Harris in the first round draft frame with the second round. I don't think you do that not to have those guys be a meaningful part of what you're going to do, right? Yeah. If you talk about the matchups if Emmanuel Sanders is in or out of the lineup, how that affects the defensive scheme that which if Sanders is out, it means we can you know Logically, that guys like Colby's, You're going to have more opportunities. What about Cole Beasley's matchup with Cameron Sutton down in the slot? Um, how do you think and We go around around about what we expect from Josh Allen? What This offense is going to look like I think it for me. We've had this conversation Brown, and I think it's gonna be more the same than it was last year. I think Josh Allen is that guy. To drop back and throw. I Oh, without question, I don't think look We talked about this last year as well. Do they want to run the ball? Yes, but I think what they want to run the ball successfully. They don't want to run the ball in big volume. You know when they do hand it off. They want the run game to be efficient and effective, But this is not going to be a running football team. So I think you're going to see much of the same. Obviously, coaches every offseason tweet things and and they'll tweak certain things they like they'll tweak. Get rid of some things maybe they don't like, but I think the overall philosophy of what this offense is with Josh and the receivers is not going to change. I think going in Greg, we knew with all the changes that that steel or offensive line was undergoing this offseason that it probably Was not going to be a well oiled machine in week one or look like one Anyway. Now, you know, in the last week Zach Banner, who was projected to be the starting right tackle goes on IR. They take a kora for and move him back to right tackle where he played last year, and they're starting the rookie more at left tackle. In a road environment as raucous is Buffalo facing a veteran pass rusher like a Mario Addison with AJ EPA, Nesa ready to come in the second wave behind him. Um, I'm just wondering based on what you saw Morris College tape. Is this guy up to the task? Or are we anticipating he's going to get a lot of help via slide protection or from a tight end? What? What do you anticipate there on the edge? I did watch Dan more. Well, you're probably not surprised by that. And I'm not probably not surprised by that either. I did watch Dan more, and he played in the sec. And to be honest with you and I don't I'm going to qualify this by saying I don't fancy myself as an offensive line guru by any meat, but I thought he was a good prospect again. I can't speak to all the nuances technique. But when you play in the sec and you're facing pretty good pass rushers, you know you're facing a lot of five star recruits in the SEC. I thought he did a very good job at left tackle. Uh, you know, at the end of the day that his goal was to stop guys from getting to the quarterback, and he did that. And you know you can debate where a guy should be drafted..

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